How do I Choose the Best Defragment Freeware?

G. Wiesen

In choosing the best defragment freeware, you should consider your own needs and the needs of the hardware on which you are looking to run the software. This means that you should be sure to find a program that can run on the operating system (OS) and hardware that you have, though the former requirement is typically more of an issue. You should then look for a program that will do everything you want and defragment your hard drive or drives as thoroughly as possible. Any defragment freeware you download should come from a reliable website that you have heard of, in order to best avoid viruses or other malicious software.

A hard drive.
A hard drive.

Defragment freeware refers to computer programs that are provided as freeware and intended for use in defragmenting a computer hard drive. A defragment is typically done on a hard drive to help the drive run faster and improve overall computer performance. When data is saved or stored on a hard drive, it is typically saved in a way that works best at that given time. As data is deleted, however, the overall layout of data on a drive can be less straightforward than it was initially. Defragmenting cleans up a hard drive by moving data around in a way that is easier for the system to access, typically by grouping data together for easier recovery during use.

Windows OS systems feature tools for disc defragmentation.
Windows OS systems feature tools for disc defragmentation.

Freeware refers to any computer program that is free to download and use, unlike other programs that may only be demo versions free to use without all of the features provided. Defragment freeware is a program that you can download and use for free, and it provides you with all of the features of the program. You should look for a defragment freeware program that will work with your OS, and if your hard drive is especially full, you should look for one that does not require a certain amount of free space on the drive. Most websites provide user and professional reviews of the programs, so you can get a feel for how well the program has worked for other users.

Look for websites that provide these reviews in order to make your own experience easier. You should also look for a defragment freeware download from a website that you have heard of before and that has a reputation for safe and reliable downloads. Many malicious programs such as viruses can be spread through freeware, so you should be sure to try to find a safe download. You may also want to back up important data on your disc drive before running a new defragment program, just in case anything goes wrong during the defragmentation.

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