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How Do I Choose the Best Open Source Media Server?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

An open source media server is a computer server designed to hold media files, such as movies and images. When trying to choose the best open source media server for your needs, you should check to see what operating systems (OSs) the server runs on, because some only work on a limited number of systems. While an open source server may be professional quality, it also may be a good idea to check its documentation and forum to see how comprehensive both are in case a problem occurs. Most media server programs can be accessed by a computer, but some also can be accessed by other devices, which may be beneficial. Live publishing can be useful if you create your own media files, and it can be used to automatically upload these files.

Some open source media server programs are made for a specific OS, while others are built to be universal. If the server is built to run on a single OS, then it would be easiest to use if you were running that OS. While it may be possible to install this type of server program on your system if you are running a different OS, it normally requires other programs to emulate the compatible OS. You may find universal server programs to be better, simply so you don't need to worry about this problem.

A tablet computer may be used to access an open source media server.
A tablet computer may be used to access an open source media server.

An open source media server program, like most open source programs, may not have a dedicated support team. This means it may be wise to find a program that has a dedicated forum or documentation that lists how to use and fix the server. In the event of a problem or malfunction, you can consult the forum or documentation for help in lieu of a support team.

Most open source media server programs can be accessed by a computer that can be used to view the stored media files. While this may be all you need, some server programs also can be accessed through other devices. Common devices include gaming devices, mobile phones and tablets. If the server’s website does not list support for these devices, then they most likely cannot access the server.

If you make your own media files, then live publishing may be useful. This allows you to record movies or images to the open source media server and, once the recording is finished, instantly upload them online. Live publishing makes it easier to upload files, because you do not have to waste time manually uploading media files to various websites.

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    • A tablet computer may be used to access an open source media server.
      By: bloomua
      A tablet computer may be used to access an open source media server.