How Do I Choose the Best School Proxy Server?

G. Wiesen

When choosing a school proxy server, consider the type of system you are setting up and how you want to be able to control access to it. There are a number of companies that you can contact to set up the server for you, providing you with ongoing maintenance and off-site administration. You can also create your own school proxy server, which may be less expensive than hiring someone else to do it, but this requires that you manage it afterward. If you are trying to use a proxy to get around your school's security systems, then be sure you have permission to do so.

There are a variety of considerations to take into account when setting up a school proxy server.
There are a variety of considerations to take into account when setting up a school proxy server.

A school proxy server is typically used to allow access to a particular restricted system through a secondary method. For example, a school might have a local server system that allows teachers to access files and information while using a computer on campus. A proxy server can be established that teachers can use from remote locations, to access the local system, which others cannot use without logging into the proxy.

As you are looking for a school proxy server to meet your needs, consider one that is set up and managed by an outside company. This can be especially beneficial if you do not have the hardware and staff to maintain and oversee such a setup. Numerous companies can help you set up a school proxy server and establish different parameters for access control and permissions for the system. This can be an expensive solution, but a reliable external system removes the need for you to maintain such a server locally.

You might also consider creating your own school proxy server that is hosted locally, which is managed by Information Technology (IT) professionals on your staff. This solution provides you with a great deal of control, since you can directly interact with the hardware and software used in the system. You need to have the resources to set up and manage a school proxy server onsite, however, which requires technical understanding and room for the physical hardware. The upfront costs for this solution may be more than for an offsite server, but in the long run the maintenance may be less expensive and you have more control over it.

If you are a student or teacher at a school and trying to set up a school proxy server that overrides or avoids security systems at your location, then gain permission to do so before setting it up. Many schools block out certain sites that students might want to visit. Using a proxy to get around these blocks can result in severe penalties, including loss of computer use and even expulsion from a university.

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