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How do I Choose the Best VCD Freeware?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

Choosing the best video compact disc (VCD) freeware program depends a great deal on what it is you want to do regarding the creation of a VCD. If you are looking to burn VCDs, then you will need VCD freeware that will allow you to burn a movie onto the disc. There is also some VCD freeware that will help you rip video from a digital versatile disc (DVD) and then allow you to burn it onto a VCD. You should look for a program that will do what you want it to do, but also be careful to only download from reputable websites to better avoid malicious software.

A VCD is a compact disc (CD) that looks similar to an audio CD, but allows a person to burn both video and audio information to the disc for playback in a number of different machines. These types of discs were quite popular in the late 20th century, but as DVD technology became more affordable and accessible for users, VCDs fell in popularity. They are still used by many people, however, and can store video and audio at sufficient quality for numerous applications.

Video and audio information may be burned onto a VCD.
Video and audio information may be burned onto a VCD.

One of the best ways to get started in trying to find the best VCD freeware for your needs is to establish exactly what those needs are. You should also realize that you may not be able to find a single program that will do everything you want without paying for it. VCD freeware is often a bit more limited in scope and functionality, so you may need to use several different programs to ultimately achieve your desired ends. If you are simply looking to burn video and audio that is already of the correct format and size onto a VCD, then you should be able to easily find a number of decent freeware programs through a simple search engine by typing “VCD burner freeware.”

You should also consider if you need VCD freeware that can also rip video from another source, such as a DVD. This may require a more complicated program, and you may also need a program that can convert video formats between what is ripped from a DVD and what can be burned onto a VCD. It can often be easier to simply download one VCD freeware program for ripping from a disc, and another program for burning to a VCD, one of which should also be able to convert in the process. You should also keep in mind any copyright laws in your region, and be sure that you are not illegally ripping or burning copyrighted materials.

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    • Video and audio information may be burned onto a VCD.
      By: overthehill
      Video and audio information may be burned onto a VCD.