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How do I Convert MOV to 3GP?

Converting MOV to 3GP is a breeze with the right tools. Simply choose a reliable video converter, upload your MOV file, select 3GP as the output format, and hit convert. Within minutes, your video is ready for mobile viewing. Curious about the best converters and tips for optimal quality? Dive deeper into our comprehensive guide for all the details. Ready to start converting?
Jessica Reed
Jessica Reed

To convert a video file with a .mov extension to a .3gp file, a user would need to download software designed to convert MOV to 3GP and run the desired file through it. After the conversion is complete, the user can transfer his file from his computer onto his cell phone or other compatible device and watch the video file. Typically, files with the MOV extension are QuickTime files and a file with a 3GP extension is a video file format designed to work with mobile phones.

Many free converters are available for users to download online. All the user needs to do is search for "convert MOV to 3GP" or "MOV to 3GP converter" and he will find a list of converters he can download. After finding a converter from a site he trusts, he should click "Download" or "Install" and follow the instructions to properly install the program.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

After the installation completes, the user needs to double click the program and the converter will install on his computer. If he hasn't already, he'll need to save the QuickTime MOV video file to his computer. Next he should open the converter program and choose 3GPP for the output type. This stands for 3rd Generation Partnership Project and will convert the file to 3GP. The 3GP file was created for use on mobile phones to allow them to play videos without requiring large file sizes, thus leaving more space on the phone to download other videos or programs.

Next the user should choose the input video file. After clicking "Browse" or "Open" near the input video file or input box, he should click the location of the QuickTime MOV file on his computer and click "Open" or "OK." This will open the QuickTime movie and the user is now ready to convert MOV to 3GP. He should double check to make sure he put the right file in the input box and that he has chosen 3GP or 3GPP for the output type. If the user finds the software too confusing or technical to use, he can search for a different, more user friendly converter.

Finally, the user should click the "Start" or "Convert" button. If he needs to change any of the technical settings, he should do so first by using the drop down menus or buttons at the top of the converter software. Users who do not understand how to use these features shouldn't worry about them and can continue on with the conversion.

The software should start the process to convert MOV to 3GP. When it has finished, the user can choose where to save the new file. The program may save it automatically for him and he should check either the Downloads folder on his computer or the desktop. After finding the file, he should connect his mobile phone to his computer and transfer the file onto it. Not all phones are capable of connecting to the computer and it is important for the user to check that his phone can support 3GP video files.

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    • Woman doing a handstand with a computer
      Woman doing a handstand with a computer