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What are Micro LED Lights?

Maggie J. Hall
Maggie J. Hall

Micro light-emitting diode, or LED lights, function in the same way as LEDs but are smaller, measuring anywhere from 2 to 8 millimeters. The amount of illumination produced by micro lights is also significantly less, as micro LED lights generally use up to 20 milliamps of current, medium sized LEDs use around 100 milliamps, and some high-powered bulbs use as much as a full amp. Micro LED lights have a number of applications in battery operated or electronic devices. The bulbs can be used individually or in groups.

Unlike incandescent bulbs that produce light by heating a filament, micro LED bulbs typically produce light using electromagnetic energy. Current enters the positive anode and travels along a wire until meeting the semiconductor chip, located on the negative cathode. Electrons combine with positive charges, producing electromagnetic energy. Each combination then emits energy in the form of a photon, which produces light. The length of the semiconductor and the material from which the semiconductor is constructed generally determine the color of the light produced.

Micro LED lights may be used in flashlights.
Micro LED lights may be used in flashlights.

Some micro LED lights have more than one semiconductor, allowing the production of more than one color. Consumers can usually find micro LED lights in every color of the visible spectrum, in addition to infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths. Though similar sized bulbs display the same amount of light, the shape of the encapsulating plastic, or resin, determines the beam focus. While rounded bulbs usually produce a wider beam of light, bulbs having flattened surfaces generally focus the beam toward the top of the bulb.

Wireless LED lights might be used to provide illumination in a keychain flashlight or to indicate electricity running to an electronic device with the switch in the power-on position. On a circuit board, micro LED lights provide illumination for camcorders and cameras. These lamps typically plug into the hot shoe of the camera or recording device, many of which include dimmer switches and vertical adjustments.

Micro LED lights can be connected to one another on a power cord or connected and inserted into a clear vinyl rope for decorative lighting. Micro LED lights generally require less power to function and having no delicate filament, typically last longer. The tough outer covering of each bulb is virtually indestructible. The initial cost of a micro LED light set-up might be more than that of a similar product containing conventional incandescent bulbs, but the cost is usually offset by the performance of the product.

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Can you turn on a group of wireless LED lights to show patterns?


@indigomoth - You can also use small LED lights as supplements to other kinds of lights when setting up an aquarium system.

For example if you set it up and then discover that your light spectrum is out of whack you can add a few blue or white LEDs to fix it (depending on what's wrong).

If you set the whole thing up yourself it is much cheaper than a store bought system. But even a store bought system usually turns out to be a better deal, even though it costs more than other kinds of aquarium lights.

LEDs will last ten years or so, while most other kinds of light bulbs last one if you are lucky.


Using micro LED lights to set up a very small reef aquarium is a good idea.

They let off much less heat than other kinds of lights, but they are now available in the full spectrum necessary to meet the needs of corals and other things that use photosynthesis to create energy.

I seen people on forums who have managed to create very tiny ecosystems in bottles using micro LED aquarium lighting.

Of course you need to do a lot of research first to see what you need.

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    • Micro LED lights may be used in flashlights.
      By: Sensay
      Micro LED lights may be used in flashlights.