What Are the Best Tips for Computer Security Analysis?

G. Wiesen

When it comes to computer security analysis, there are a few basic considerations that any individual or company should keep in mind. It can be advantageous for a business to have an outside company provide this analysis and other information on the overall security of a system. The process of analyzing a system should also utilize various types of computer software designed for that very purpose. During computer security analysis, both external and internal threats should be considered to determine effective ways of dealing with both issues.

Companies should look into computer programs that map networks and also determine the security strength of passwords being used by employees.
Companies should look into computer programs that map networks and also determine the security strength of passwords being used by employees.

Computer security analysis is a process by which a person or company takes an exhaustive look at a computer system to determine how secure it is and find any weaknesses that may be present. While an individual can conduct this type of analysis, it is more commonly used by businesses with multiple computer systems and networks. A computer security analysis should be conducted fairly regularly, both at the initial use of a new system and on a semi-regular basis after the system is online.

One of the most important considerations with regard to conducting a computer security analysis is the person or people who are going to run the analysis. A company's internal employees can certainly be used, especially those already employed to deal with computer security. Internal analysis should be separated and handled by different individuals, however, to better ensure that no single person has extensive access to a system or provides the only opinion regarding security.

An outside company can also be brought in to handle computer security analysis. This is often a better solution, especially for companies that may not have sufficient security staff on hand to run a detailed analysis. Any company hired to run this type of analysis should be vetted, and only reliable companies with a strong, professional track record should be used. This type of analysis often gives those conducting it access to sensitive information and systems, which may introduce the opportunity for an attack from disreputable security consultants or employees.

There are a number of computer programs that can conduct a computer security analysis. Companies should look at different programs and choose those that can perform as full and useful an analysis as possible. This can include anything from basic deployment of antivirus and firewall software to more elaborate programs that can map networks, launch simulated attacks on servers, and determine password security or strength among employees.

A full computer security analysis should also consider all potential security threats to a company. External threats should be analyzed, such as attacks from hackers or cyberterrorists. Internal opportunities for attacks should also be considered, especially from disgruntled former employees. Security information should be reasonably scattered among employees, to prevent a single employee from having undue access to secure systems, and administrator usernames and passwords should be changed regularly to ensure that former employees cannot access a system.

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