What Are the Common Network Management Problems?

Alex Newth

When it comes to running a network, administrators run into many network management problems, facilitating the need for network policies and strategies. Piracy and hacking are common problems with running a network, and this can cost businesses substantially if they are not kept under check. Many networks are wireless, so one of the common network management problems is ensuring that wireless interference does not keep the network from running. Many networks get larger over time, so scalability becomes an issue for most administrators. Employees often need programs if they are to do their work, and installing programs on every computer and keeping them updated can be difficult.

Hacking and piracy are two of the most common issues that administrators must confront.
Hacking and piracy are two of the most common issues that administrators must confront.

Hacking and piracy can affect any computer user, but most hackers actively go after business networks more often than they target regular users. This is because networks tend to have valuable information that can be sold to other people or businesses. This means administrators constantly must be on the watch for hackers. While firewalls and antivirus software will stop some hackers, the administrators may have to perform more advanced security measures during an attack to keep the hacker from getting too deeply into the system.

While wireless networks have many advantages, they are susceptible to interference, which is the cause for one of the common network management problems. Wireless interference can come from many things, and administrators have to do their best to keep this interference from causing massive downtime. Interference cannot be entirely controlled, because natural factors prevent it, but administrators can attempt to configure networks so interference is a rare occurrence.

With more and more data and workers needed for a network to function, scalability is one of the most common network management problems. Scalability involves the network needing to grow, which forces administrators to perform many tasks. New servers may be needed, which would require more room to hold the servers; the servers can drive up operating costs, because of power and heat; and the massive amount of memory needed must be properly maintained. Administrators are tasked with managing the new size of the network, along with scaling up the network in the least expensive way.

Installing and managing the software for all the computers in a network is one of the network management problems that can be very tedious. Administrators have to go through every computer to ensure each one has the proper software, and they also must keep the software updated. There commonly are programs that administrators can use to simplify this task, but manual installation still may be needed in some instances.

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