What are the Different Types of Cloud Computing Software?

Troy Holmes

Cloud computing is a software approach that has changed how software applications can be used by consumers and businesses. Cloud computing software is any application that runs on the Internet instead of on a computer service in one location. This technique for building computer systems is used for video games, sales and marketing systems, and word processing systems.

People have been using cloud computing, including web-based e-mail and video services, for years without knowing it.
People have been using cloud computing, including web-based e-mail and video services, for years without knowing it.

Microsoft® Xbox® software was one of the first game programs to use cloud computing software. The Xbox® live software enables users from all over the world to play interactive video games in a central place. This cloud computing software uses a subscription service that lets multiple gamers play the same video game simultaneously on the Internet.

The Microsoft® Office programming software is an advanced word processing system used in most businesses today. This software is transitioning to the cloud, which will make it available as a subscription product. This will make it more affordable for home users, which will expand the usage of the product.

Using Microsoft® Office® products as cloud computing software will enable remote access to the popular word processing system. This will provide automated spreadsheets and presentation software to millions of users across the world. It will allow users to share videos, documents, and spreadsheets on the Internet.

Software as a service (SAAS) is a phrase commonly used to describe cloud computing software. One of the first companies to offer SAAS to customers was Salesforce® automation. This software allows companies to pay for a subscription service to use an Internet-based sales inventory system. This is cost effective for companies because it saves on computer hardware and systems management overhead.

Most database vendors are transitioning to a cloud computing software model. This will provide companies cheaper database space on the Internet. The cloud software model saves money because it reduces the cost of software and hardware support. This cost is deferred through subscription fees, which are less expensive for a single organization.

Cloud computing software is also available for website management and development systems. GoDaddy® is a commercial web hosting company that offers subscription services to manage and control commercial websites. Using this service model eliminates the need companies need to manage servers, software, and maintenance of the website.

One of the drawbacks to cloud computing software is security. Many companies are reluctant to place proprietary assets in the hands of external organizations. This has spawned a new concept called private clouds, which provide added security for individual organizations.

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