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What are the Different Types of Migration Services?

Lisa Cox
Lisa Cox

There are many types of electronic migration services. Such services for data migration include software, hardware, and virtualization migration. Services are offered for individual users, small businesses and large corporations. There are migration services for blogs and for websites. They all provide ways to move data from one location to another, even if that location is virtual.

Several of the largest software developers offer data migration services for home users. Personal computer (PC) migration software gives people the choice of backing up data to an external hard drive or a compact disc (CD), or storing the data in the online cloud — an Internet storage and utility region on multiple servers in multiple locations — before transferring it to another drive. All of these options are easy enough for the average user to figure out, and most come with a migration wizard that walks users through the process step by step.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

For businesses that must transfer large amounts of data, there are professional companies that supply migration services. Many larger companies also have in-house technical services that may be able to cope with data migration. When servers are upgraded, the data will need to be transferred to new servers. If software is changed or upgraded, data may need to be translated to a new format. There are many steps involved in data migration.

Large businesses that run 24 hours a day may require nondisruptive migration. With proper planning and knowledge of the architecture of the systems and network of a business, it is possible to move data without disrupting services. This is where a specialist data migration service comes into play.

Virtualization of services also can allow for nondisruptive data migration. Virtualization utilizes the cloud. The architecture of the cloud is in three strata, or levels. Data migration can take place at any of these levels. Companies that provide cloud services can be self-contained and take care of all the details, including data migration, or companies can choose to do some of their own management.

Some other services will move blogs from one site to another. Writers find that different blog hosting sites have different amounts of web traffic, and even different audiences. A blog migration service can move not only current blog content but all blog databases, including archives and followers. Commercial websites can also be migrated to different hosts and to different domains.

There are many reasons for data migration. Upgrading to newer and faster devices or upgrading software are some of the main reasons for data migration. With new technology it is becoming more economical to use the cloud, and data migration to the cloud shows continued growth.

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    • Woman doing a handstand with a computer
      Woman doing a handstand with a computer