What is a Laptop Car Mount?

A laptop car mount is a secure bracket that attaches to your vehicle, providing a stable platform for your laptop. It's ideal for professionals on the go, ensuring your tech stays safe and accessible. Curious about how it could revolutionize your mobile workspace? Let's explore the possibilities together.
R. Kayne
R. Kayne

A laptop car mount allows secure and comfortable use of a laptop while safely parked. Business executives, sales representatives, government contractors, real estate agents, students and even travelers using laptop GPS increasingly rely on having access to computers while on the road. A laptop car mount grants quick, easy access to a mobile computer for extended work, logging service calls, communication through a wireless access point (WAP), or GPS reference. A laptop car mount is not intended for use while driving.

A laptop car mount is available in many configurations to fit nearly all needs and vehicles. One popular style mounts to the steering wheel by quickly snapping into place, folding away for under seat storage when not in use. It features vertical arms that support a simple platform, and generally supports up to about 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) of weight. This style of laptop car mount is convenient because it is light and portable, and can be used between several cars.

A car with a laptop mount.
A car with a laptop mount.

A “no-drill,” tripod-style, laptop car mount utilizes the existing bolts on the passenger seat. It can be installed without modifications to the vehicle, while providing a sturdier laptop car mount that is also more secure. The height-adjustable tripod supports an arm with a spring-loaded or otherwise adjustable tray to accommodate several laptop footprints. The computer can be locked into place by sliding rubber arms that will accommodate various port configurations, wireless network cards, or other protruding devices. A swing arm brings the laptop tray around for easy access.

A laptop mount allows the comfortable use of a laptop when parked.
A laptop mount allows the comfortable use of a laptop when parked.

Because a “no-drill” laptop car mount installs on existing bolts, the car model and year is required for the right fit. If a “no-drill” model is not available, a universal laptop car mount might be the way to go. This type of laptop car mount resembles the former style in principle, but has a small square base supporting a single adjustable leg, which in turn supports the swing arm and tray. The base is bolted to a flat section of the vehicle’s floor, requiring drilling. This model might be especially suitable for service vans and municipal or government vehicles.

Another possible candidate is a mobile desk. This style of laptop car mount essentially provides desktop functionality with a wide variety of available features from a portable file system, to pullout utensil compartments, and slide-out tabletops for writing and sorting paperwork. Some mobile desk units also come with a built-in power converter for the cigarette lighter, great for plugging in a laptop running low on juice. For anyone who needs a portable office, this type of laptop car mount is ideal, however it does occupy the passenger seat. A mobile desk unit is commonly secured by the seat belt and special straps, and does not require vehicle modification.

“No-drill” mobile laptop car mounts, found easily online, are less likely to be at your local computer superstore because of the problem of stocking so many models for various cars and years. Universal style mounts are more likely to be found locally, along with steering wheel mounts and mobile desks, all of which can also be found online.

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    • A car with a laptop mount.
      By: Robert Wilson
      A car with a laptop mount.
    • A laptop mount allows the comfortable use of a laptop when parked.
      By: Minerva Studio
      A laptop mount allows the comfortable use of a laptop when parked.