What is a Linklog?

Mary McMahon

A linklog is a website where someone maintains a list of links, often in a web log or blog format, with entries presented in chronological order and tagged for reference. People can run linklogs as standalone websites or as subsections on larger websites and blogs, depending on the purpose of the linklog and their interests. Software is available to help people administer lists of links, and people can also use regular blogging software or update the site by hand if they feel comfortable doing so.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

The presentation of material on a linklog can vary widely. In some cases, each entry is a standalone link and no further information is provided. Other linklogs may provide some brief commentary about the link and the contents found there. Tags and categories may be used for organization to make it easier to find related links by topic or interest. Most sites have a search capability so users can look for older links in the archives.

The administrator may be a single person or the links can be crowdsourced. It is possible to have a theme, such as collecting weird news, Internet articles related to a particular subject of interest, and so forth. Linkloggers can also exchange links with each other, creating a network of partnerships with other people interested in curating links and exchanging information. Some sites are locked, available to registered users only, and others may have areas set aside for registered users or people who confirm that they are over 18.

On a community linklog where users can contribute links, interaction is often encouraged. Links may have comments sections, allowing people to discuss the link, and the site can also maintain a forum for people to talk with one another. Site users may be involved in projects like tagging old links, checking for broken links, or involving the site in a charitable endeavor where the users work together to raise funds for a specific cause. Users can also host meetups or arrange to get together at events like conventions if they are interested in expanding their interactions.

Linklogs vary widely in size and quality. Some become very well known and may have their own specific community norms and mannerisms, important for newcomers to be aware of so they can behave appropriately and follow site etiquette. Many of these sites are freely open to the public, allowing people to explore a linklog before they get involved in comments or start submitting links.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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