What is a Shower Radio?

Felicia Dye

Some people would like to listen to music, news, or other audio programs while in the shower. To accommodate this desire, they can purchase a shower radio. Such devices are available in a wide range of styles with various features. Instead of being called shower radios, however, some may be marketed as water resistant or splash resistant radios.

In some cases, a shower radio may be a component of an electronic showering system.
In some cases, a shower radio may be a component of an electronic showering system.

In many instances, a shower radio may look much like a normal radio. One of the main differences, however, is that it is not likely to have a power cord. Such radios generally rely on batteries. A shower radio is also designed to operate in spite of wet conditions. Otherwise, it is likely to function much the same as any other radio.

Shower radios typically feature AM and FM tuners.
Shower radios typically feature AM and FM tuners.

The features of each shower radio can vary. Some shower radios are analog while there are others that have digital AM/FM tuning and digital display. Some have CD compartments, which tend to drain batteries much quicker than use of only the tuner. Others have docking compartments for use with MP3 players.

There are other features commonly found on shower radios that have little to do with the audio programming. For example, many models include digital clocks. Some of those include shower alarm and automatic turn off capabilities. Many models also have memory that allows favorite stations to be stored.

A shower radio may also be part of an electronic showering system. These are systems that may come pre-installed in the shower unit or that may be installed later. Such systems normally have a number of controls for things such as lights, jet sprays, and audio. The audio controls commonly include tuning and volume buttons.

Where a shower radio is kept can vary. If it is not built-in, it may be designed to hang from the shower head or shower curtain rail. Some models are equipped with suction cups that allow them to attach to the shower walls or doors. Others may not be equipped with any special storage features and may, therefore, need to be kept on the side of the shower or in the shower caddy.

There are a few disadvantages of shower radios. Many are often found to have inferior reception to other radios in the same household. Additionally, many shower radios work much better in urban areas than they do in rural areas. Consumers may also note that the sound quality of these devices is inferior to the other audio equipment in the household.

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The sound quality on these doesn't matter nearly as much as the fact someone can listen to their favorite tunes and wake up in the morning. Besides, people who like to sing in the shower tend to love these things.

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