What is the Best Way to Upload Files?

G. Wiesen

The best way to upload files depends on the types of files a person is trying to upload and the way in which those files are going to be used. For example, someone trying to send a file through an email attachment would typically use the email service to upload the appropriate file. On the other hand, someone can upload a file to a file hosting service that will keep the file on a server for easier Internet access. Someone who wants to make his or her files even more accessible to others could upload files to a file sharing site or utilize a file sharing program.

Musicians can upload their music to various websites.
Musicians can upload their music to various websites.

To upload files, someone will typically take files that are on his or her computer and upload them onto the Internet or to a local network for sharing or transmission to another user. One of the simplest ways to upload files is through an email program or instant messenger program. Most email services allow a person to upload one or more files as attachments to an email message, and the files will be sent along with the message to the recipient. Instant messenger programs can also typically be used to share files, by uploading the files to someone who is communicating through the messenger, allowing the person to download the files while using the program.

Peer to peer download sites may be used for sharing music.
Peer to peer download sites may be used for sharing music.

There are also file hosting websites and services that can be used to upload files. Someone can typically create an account with this type of site and then upload a number of files that are often restricted based on the sizes of such files. This generates a unique link to where the files are stored on the servers of the file hosting site, allowing users to share this link and others to access the files. Some of these sites may be used for free, though many sites require a paid membership for someone to upload files.

A file sharing program or website can also potentially be used to upload files for sharing with others. There are programs that are used to connect different users to each other and to file sharing websites where files have been uploaded. This allows users to upload files and download files from each other using direct and indirect connections made available by these file sharing programs. Such programs may be used for sharing files illegally, however, and many such programs have become hosts for hundreds or thousands of corrupted files used to spread malicious software.

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