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Emotional support animals (ESAs) can help households, and people with mental or emotional disorders or disabilities can benefit greatly from their presence. To legally qualify for an emotional support animal, one must first have emotional or mental disabilities and have a letter from a licensed mental health professional.

All You Need To Know About ESA Letters

For people who can benefit from emotional support animals, Pettable created a way for those with mental and emotional mental health issues to quickly and easily receive an emotional support animal (ESA) letter online.

Pettable understands that emotional support animals are not just pets. They are a need to live your life to the fullest without missing out on major life activities. Any emotional or mental disorder can be harrowing and scary, but emotional support animals are there to help the process.

The Bottom Line

  • What is an ESA Law - An ESA law states the protections and rights emotional support animals and their owners have, such as protection with federal law, under the federal Fair Housing Act, as well as living regulations.
  • Who Can Get A Valid ESA Letter - People with emotional and mental disorders are eligible for ESA letters and can get an ESA letter signed by mental health professionals who approve ESA letters.
  • How To Get An ESA Evaluation Online - Thanks to Pettable, getting an ESA letter online is quick and easy for those in need.
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Difference Between Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals

There's a difference between emotional support animals and service animals. While they may seem the same, emotional support animals vary significantly from service animals. However, they both help with a variety of emotional disabilities and emotional issues, as well as mental disabilities and mental problems, including but not limited to

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Physical disabilities including blindness and deafness

A service animal is typically a service dog trained to work for an individual with a mental, emotional, or physical disability. A service animal can also be called a psychiatric service dog (PSD), as they accompany their owners everywhere to help them with specific tasks.

Psychiatric service dogs and service animals are also usually trained by a licensed professional. However, you can prepare your service dog or animal if you choose.

Some of the tasks a service dog is trained to include pulling a wheelchair, retrieving dropped items or items needed, turning lights on or off upon entering or leaving a room, and shutting doors.

According to the law, emotional support animals and therapy dogs are not service animals. An emotional or therapy animal is specifically trained to perform tasks, whereas emotional support animals are only for an emotional or mental disability. Their presence helps an individual who has emotional or mental health disorders, as well as being able to help calm a person down during an attack due to a mental health condition.

Laws About Support and Service Animals

Two laws center around support animals and service animals. These are the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). These both help owners know where their pets are allowed, and the difference between where and why service animals are allowed in certain places that support animals are not.

Under the federal Fair Housing Act, emotional support animal letters are all needed to allow your support animal to live with you. While you can have multiple emotional support animals, you will need an ESA letter signed by licensed mental healthcare professionals that state your emotional or mental illness requires a support animal to help you live your best life.

The Fair Housing Act was set into motion so housing providers could not discriminate against tenants due to their disability or need for an emotional support animal. As long as the individual has a valid ESA letter and they have proof they qualify for an ESA, whether for emotional support due to an emotional disability or mental support due to mental disorders, a housing provider is not allowed to deny housing due to the disability or need for an animal.

The Air Carrier Access Act once stated that only service animals could accompany their owners on a plane, even with a legitimate ESA letter from a mental health professional. However, that rule has since changed. The act does not allow any airline to discriminate against somebody due to their disability.

Who Can Get A ESA Letter

Individuals with a mental or emotional disability who need mental or emotional support can get an emotional support animal and an ESA letter. By qualifying for an emotional support animal, a licensed mental health professional then has the power to grant you an emotional support animal letter.

Through Pettable, individuals can fill out a form online, which will then match them to a licensed mental health professional to schedule a virtual consultation via a link through your email. Once you schedule a consultation with a licensed mental health professional and meet with them to explain and evaluate how and why an emotional support animal can help you, you will have the option to receive the letter within 24 hours, excluding California residents.

California has additional regulations on ESA letters, so residents of the state will need to be extra thorough when attaining their letters. If you live in California, ensure the mental health professional you’re working with is aware of the state’s rules about ESA letters. To get an ESA letter in California, you must go through a waiting period. California requires a licensed mental health professional to meet with the individual and wait a minimum of 30 days before issuing the ESA letter.

How to Spot a Fake ESA Letter

Once granted an ESA letter, you are provided specific accommodations for housing and traveling. An ESA letter tells people that your furry friend is no ordinary pet. If you want your dog to be considered an emotional support dog, you must have a legit and verifiable ESA letter from licensed mental health professionals.

Take a screening to see if you qualify for an emotional support dog.

There are places out there that may have fake ESA letters. These are possible not signed by anyone, including a family therapist or mental health professional. ESA letter requirements include having a signed document after a pre-screening to see if you qualify for an emotional support animal or service animal.

How to get an ESA Evaluation Online

Here are the steps to qualify for an Emotional Support Letter and get an ESA evaluation:

  • Click the link here to start your assessment on Pettable
  • Answer the screening questions
  • If you are under the age of 18, a guardian needs to be the point of contact with your mental health professional
  • Take a 3-minute quiz to match you with the right therapist
  • Have your phone consultation with a licensed mental health professional in your state
  • Receive your ESA letter within 24 hours

Pettable promises a Money Back Guarantee of 100% refund.

FAQ About Getting An Emotional Support Letter Online

You may wonder how to do this and have a few more questions. This is very common for pet owners trying to get an ESA letter. You want to make sure you know the laws and rules so that you and your pet can have a smooth sail out in public. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Is It Hard To Get An Emotional Support Letter?

The process is relatively easy, but you want to ensure you look out for scams. 

Is Pettable A Recognized Company?

Pettable has been recommended by Newsweek, Thrillist, ABC News, and CBS. Click here to learn more about getting an ESA letter.

Can I Use My ESA Letter When I Move Into My Apartment?

Once you get a legitimate ESA letter, you can speak with the landlord about bringing your furry friend along with you to your next apartment. 

What Does The FHA Do?

The FHA has made laws, so people can't discriminate against you for having an ESA. Click here for more information.

Can I Get An ESA in Any State?

The Fair Housing Act allows you to use your ESA for housing in every state. This includes Rentals, Co-Ops, And condominiums.

Contact Pettable for your ESA needs.

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