How can I Find the Average Color of a Photograph?

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Many popular image-editing tools allow you to determine the average color of a small section of an image, but we couldn't find any that could calculate the average color of an entire photograph. Enter, the Average Color Tool.

Possible Uses

  • Convince your landlord that the carpet by the entry isn't as dirty as she claims it is.
  • Prove that fruit sellers put the best-looking fruit in the most prominent location.
  • Use your own travel photos to decorate a room; a well-chosen combination could dramatically emphasize the beauty of your photos.
  • Monitor how the greens in your garden change from season to season.

Choose your Image

Simply use the boxes below to upload a photo (.jpg or .jpeg files only) from your computer or directly from URL, and the average color tool will take care of the rest. (Maximum filesize: 2 Megabytes)

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Image URL

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Here are some samples that we have processed through the average color tool. Thumbnails are displayed on the left, and the corresponding average-color-swatch is on the right. You can click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the photographs.

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