How do I Choose the Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands?

Dan Cavallari

Contrary to what the name implies, bookshelf speaker stands are not stands that include a bookshelf. They are, instead, stands that hold up bookshelf speakers, which are small- to medium-sized speakers designed to be placed on a bookshelf. Bookshelf speaker stands allow you to put the speakers in any location rather than just on a bookshelf or other table or raised surface. Choosing the best stands is a matter of finding a sturdy unit that will work with your speakers, and one that is attractive and in keeping with the aesthetic of the room in which the stand will be placed.

A bookshelf speaker.
A bookshelf speaker.

One of the most important features of bookshelf speaker stands is the base. Not only does it need to be sturdy, but it also needs to be padded to prevent the base from scratching wood floors or tearing carpets. Many bookshelf speaker stands feature rubber feet that will protect the floor from damage while still keeping the stand itself adequately sturdy to hold up the weight of the speaker. Some stands even feature interchangeable feet, from metal to rubber, to accommodate a variety of flooring surfaces. Choose a stand you think will be sturdy enough to support your speakers, and one that will not damage the floors in your home.

Some bookshelf speaker stands are hollow so that they may be filled with sand to provide weight for stability.
Some bookshelf speaker stands are hollow so that they may be filled with sand to provide weight for stability.

Another good feature to look for in bookshelf speaker stands is a hollow shaft that can be filled with sand for added weight and stability. While some people are wary of such stands because sand can get into electrical components and cause damage, most of these stand models are perfectly safe for the electronics as long as the unit is well-built and stable enough to hold the sand without leaking. Other stands feature other stability systems, so be sure to research each system carefully to find the one that will work best for your needs. Remember to check each stand to find out how much weight it is rated to hold, or how large of a speaker it is designed to support. This may have an impact on the best choice for you.

Remember that cables will be running from your speakers to other components of the stereo or surround sound system, so some bookshelf speaker stands feature cable management systems that keep cables neat and untangled, or even concealed from view altogether. This improves the aesthetic of the stand and prevents unsightly cables from cluttering up the space.

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@TreeMan - That is an interesting comment, because just recently I had some wooden stands made for me.

You're right that the internet and most home electronics stores only have metal stands. I have a friend whose father is a woodworker, and he agreed to make the stands for me. If you know anyone with a lathe, I'm sure they would have the ability to do it. If you don't know anyone with a wood shop, there may be a "freelance" woodworker in your area you could contact.

The basic design is fairly simple, and by having it custom made, you can pick your wood, design, and finish. Best of luck in your search.


Does anyone know a good place to find good, quality wood speaker stands? I've looked all over the internet, and all I can find are metal stands or wooden stands that look weak.

I think the metal stands look really nice, but they just wouldn't work in my house.

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