How do I Choose the Best Computer Bundle?

John Lister

Computer bundle is a term which has several different meanings. It can mean getting several telecommunications services from one company. It can also mean getting software included free or at a reduced price when you buy computer hardware. In each case, you need to check carefully to make sure you are getting the best deal for your needs.

A computer bundle may refer to free software pre-installed on a computer's hard drive.
A computer bundle may refer to free software pre-installed on a computer's hard drive.

The most common form of computer bundle is from telecommunications firms. These deals allow you to get some combination of television, Internet connection and phone line services from one company, usually at a discount. In some cases you may also get some form of cell phone service included in a bundle.

Generally such deals are carried out by cable companies which can provide all the services through a single connection. However, they may also be available from telephone companies if you have a fiber-optic line installed. This line can also provide television services including video-on-demand.

When considering a bundling deal, you should see whether it is possible to customize the service to the way you use different technologies. You will need to figure out how often you make phone calls, particularly long-distance calls; which premium television channels you want; and what speed Internet connection you need. If you cannot pick from different options for each service, you may find you are paying too much to get a level of service you don’t need. One point to pay particular attention to is any monthly download limits on the Internet connection and what the consequences of exceeding these limits are.

The phrase computer bundle can also be used to describe the inclusion of free software with a machine. When deciding which deal to get, look for software which is expensive to buy separately and which you are likely to use. Check carefully to make sure you are getting the full edition of a program rather than a limited trial edition. You should be particularly wary of retailers who offer a seemingly huge number of programs in a bundle, as these will often be of poor quality. If they’ve been pre-installed, you may need to waste time removing from the hard drive to free up space.

A similar type of "computer bundle" occurs with video games consoles. Consoles often come bundled with games by the manufacturer. These games will usually be picked because they show off a console’s capabilities, or because they appeal to a particularly wide range of games players.

In some cases a retailer will bundle more popular games with a console. These can be well worth considering if you were likely to buy those games at some point. If this isn’t the case, it may be worth checking to see how much you could expect to get if you immediately sold the game on the second-hand market or traded it in at a store. This may make it worth paying a little extra to get the bundled deal.

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