How do I Choose the Best Dedicated Hosting Service?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

There are many advantages to using a dedicated hosting service. Having an entire server often means more space for important documents, web pages, and other business necessities. Choosing the right dedicated web hosting service does take some time and effort, with the client looking closely into such factors as customer and system support, ease of management, speed, and the pricing structure offered for the service.

Racks of servers in a hosting service.
Racks of servers in a hosting service.

In most situations, the dedicated hosting service owns the server or servers where your data is housed. This means that your ability to troubleshoot any problems with the web hosting is somewhat limited. Before committing to any particular dedicated server hosting service, make sure you understand exactly what type of service and support is provided as part of the service contract. This will prevent any unpleasant situations where additional charges are incurred when the provider performs a function that outside the scope of the contracted rates.

Another key aspect of evaluating any dedicated hosting service is the ease of managing your data. Ideally, the provider that is chosen for your web hosting provides a platform that is easy to understand, and makes the task of updating web pages or making other small changes a relatively simple process. Easy access to customer care is also crucial when it comes to managing your data. This is especially important in situations where company personnel are uncomfortable with attempting to make changes without some sort of assistance. Many hosting services do provide access to customer support personnel that can walk you through the steps necessary to add or remove data from the server, and achieve the desired end.

Speed is also extremely important when it comes to choosing the right dedicated hosting service. This means the service needs to provide an acceptable amount of bandwidth, so the rate of data transfer is sufficient to handle the traffic that is generated by your web site. If pages are slow to load during certain periods of the day, that is a clear indicator that more bandwidth is needed. To avoid this situation, focus on providers who offer bandwidth and connectivity that will deliver the pages to your site visitors in a timely manner.

As with many business service decisions, cost is also important when selecting a dedicated hosting service. Once you’ve found several providers that appear to offer the level of support and the bandwidth you need, take the time to compare how their pricing is arranged. Look beyond that monthly service fee and make sure you understand what is and is not covered in that fee. Doing so will make it possible to identify the dedicated hosting service that is not only superior in terms of service and support, but also provides those benefits at the lowest overall price.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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When you purchase a domain name, that name is usually good for a year. After choosing and buying your domain name, then you need to decide who is going to host your website. If you are unhappy with the hosting service you choose, the nice thing is that you are not usually locked in to that service for the whole year.

Many of them go on a month to month plan, so you can change hosting services at any time and not be out much money if you are not satisfied.

If you are not sure who to have host your account, you can do an online search for the top hosting companies and will get several good, reputable companies to choose from.


I have a couple different websites and have all of them hosted at the same place. I pay one monthly fee and can have unlimited domain names hosted there. One of the most important things to me is the support and service you get. For someone who is not too technical, this is very important to me.

I have become a little familiar with cpanel hosting, and have used cpanel to make some changes on my account on my own. It is not as intimidating as I thought at first, but is still nice to have someone walk you through the first time or two.


There are so many hosting services available, that doing your research is a must. Many people think they must use the same hosting service as the company they bought their domain through, but you can have your domain hosted by any service.

A hosting service that has a dedicated hosting server can be a big plus. Sometimes smaller hosting companies can keep up with the demand better than the larger companies. This is not always the case, but can sometimes be a factor.

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