How do I Choose the Best DSL ISP?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

There are many factors to consider when you’re trying to choose the best digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet service provider (ISP). One of the first things to consider is your budget, as each ISP may charge a different rate. You may also need to consider the features an ISP is offering and decide which ones you want and which features you feel comfortable skipping. Speed and reliability may play important roles in your decision as well. You may even consider customer service when making your decision, as some providers have a better reputation for customer care than others.

DSL filter, which separates data sent to a phone line and Internet data.
DSL filter, which separates data sent to a phone line and Internet data.

Your budget may be an important factor when you are trying to choose the best DSL ISP. If you will use the Internet solely for entertainment purposes, you may prefer to spend less on your DSL service. If you need DSL service to run a business, however, you may decide to spend more on an Internet service that offers more features.

Depending on your Internet surfing habits and needs, you may prefer a DSL provider that offers the fastest possible speeds, or you may be willing to accept a DSL provider that offers average speeds if it means you'll pay less. If you use the Internet for gaming or for running a business, for example, you may feel that a fast Internet connection is critical. If you are an occasional Internet surfer or use the Internet primarily for reading articles, however, you may not consider speed as crucial.

Many people sign up for DSL service plans that include a range of features. In some cases, however, Internet users end up with features they don’t really need or want. To choose the best DSL ISP, you may do well to carefully consider the features you need and choose a service plan that doesn’t provide extras you won’t use. In many cases, plans with fewer features may cost less.

You may also consider reliability when you are trying to choose the best DSL ISP. It is normal for a DSL ISP to have an occasional outage. If outages happen frequently, however, you may do well to choose a different provider.

Often, people choose DSL ISPs without considering customer service. After signing up for Internet service, however, they may discover that the provider has a poor reputation for customer service. To avoid frustration in the event that you need customer service help, you may do well to check consumer reviews and select an ISP with a reputation for providing good customer service.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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