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How Do I Choose the Best Free Speech Recognition Software?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

If you are looking for free speech recognition software, then you should consider what you want to use the software for and the type of computer you have. Speech recognition programs have been developed for a wide array of reasons, so you should look for the program that best meets your needs. There are programs you can use in developing other software, speech-to-text software for using speech to generate typed documents, and interactive speaking and voice recognition programs. You should also be sure to choose free speech recognition software that can run on your computer hardware and with your software.

Free speech recognition software typically refers to programs designed to accept spoken input from users and recognize words within that input. Those speech recognition programs that are offered free of charge usually come as either freeware or open source programs. If you are just looking for software to use that you do not have to pay for, then you should look for freeware programs that can be used for whatever tasks you need.

A desktop PC with speech recognition headphones.
A desktop PC with speech recognition headphones.

On the other hand, if you want free speech recognition software to use in developing your own programs, then you might consider open source programs that you can use in any way you see fit. Open source software is usually developed and distributed with a public license that allows you to use and modify the source code for the program. This type of free speech recognition software can be used in developing your own programs, and you can include the source code for it in your own software.

The best free speech recognition software is one that meets your specific needs. You should consider programs you can use for talk-to-text functionality, which recognize words you say and generate word processing documents through dictation. There are also programs that include both speech recognition and computer-generated speech, which allow you to interact with software through vocal input and audible output. Some free speech recognition software can be used with other programs, allowing you to create vocal hotkeys that issue commands to the software as you use it.

You should also consider what type of free speech recognition software you can run with your existing system. Most programs are limited to a particular type and version of operating system (OS). You should make sure that any software you choose is compatible with the OS you use and that you have the proper input device, usually a microphone, to use with it.

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    • A desktop PC with speech recognition headphones.
      By: enens
      A desktop PC with speech recognition headphones.