How do I Choose the Best Game Server Software?

G. Wiesen

When considering game server software, you should be sure to consider what game you want to play and what type of operating system (OS) can be used to run the game. You will, of course, need at least one copy of the game itself, and you may need multiple copies depending on the nature of the game. Since certain games may only be available to run on a particular OS, you should be sure to choose software that can run the game. You may also want to utilize game server software that will allow you to control and establish security protocols for your server.

Game server software might require a high-end graphics card.
Game server software might require a high-end graphics card.

Game server software typically refers to programs run on a game server. A game server is a piece of hardware, often a dedicated computer system, which acts as a host server for personal computer (PC) games, to which other players connect as clients. One of the first pieces of game server software you should consider is the game you want to run on the server. Depending on the PC game you want to run, you may need to purchase multiple copies of the game, or you may be able to utilize a free version of the game to run as a host for other clients using retail copies of the game.

You should also be sure to consider the OS you want to run on your server as you are planning your game server software. Many games are only developed to run on a particular OS; while you may be able to run an emulator to use the game with a different OS, this can have a negative impact on game performance. When choosing game server software, you should typically look for an OS that can run as many different games as possible, especially those you are interested in playing.

It can also be helpful to consider secondary game server software that you can use to control your server. Since you may not be able to physically access your server, especially if it is hosted at a separate facility, then you should ensure you have software that will give you remote access. This software can be used to monitor the system settings of your server and ensure it is running properly. You should also consider game server software you can use to ensure the security of your server; this can include firewalls and antivirus programs, as well as security utilities that let you set access controls, such as passwords, and control additional security features.

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