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How Do I Choose the Best Multimeter Software?

Choosing the best multimeter software requires considering compatibility with your device, range of features, user interface, and data logging capabilities. Look for software that offers real-time analysis and customizable displays for ease of use. Remember, the right software can elevate your multimeter's potential. Curious about which features can truly transform your measurements? Let's delve deeper into the essentials of multimeter software.
Alex Newth
Alex Newth

Multimeters are used to measure electrical current without the need of software, but multimeter software offers the advantage of being able to log readings so they can be observed for changes in power. While most multimeter software is able to perform power logging, there are features that separate good programs from the best, and those features have to do with how the program uses the logged readings. A switch function allows users to quickly change between alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) without having to perform calculations. Unattended monitoring allows users to measure power readings without having to be present, while a trend view will display power trends. The ability to separate logging environments from one job to another will be necessary so the information does not get mixed up.

Normally, when someone is using a multimeter, he or she will only need to measure one type of energy, such as AC or DC. While this is the norm, there will be some jobs in which operators will need to switch between the two. This is especially true in places where there are many different devices being measured, or where there is a large proportion of AC/DC equipment that is able to use both current types. A switching tool will switch the current measurement without the user having to do anything.

A digital multimeter.
A digital multimeter.

With an unattended monitoring mode, operators can perform a long-term monitoring job without having to be present. For example, if the operator needs to measure equipment for several hours to see if there are any substantial changes in the energy levels, the multimeter software will be able to perform this test while the user attends to something else. When he or she comes back, all the information will be logged.

In conjunction with unattended monitoring or on jobs where a device is measured regularly, a trend view will show a trend in the device’s power. This tool usually shows the energy levels in a graphical interface, so operators can easily see changes in power. Regardless of how the multimeter software displays the trend, this tool will show users how the power has changed from one measurement to the next.

For professionals, the ability to separate different jobs will be essential. This allows the operator to catalog each job, so information from one job does not interfere with another. Without this feature, the multimeter software will log all readings the same, mixing up the data.

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    • A digital multimeter.
      By: pokchu
      A digital multimeter.