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How do I Choose the Best Peer to Peer Downloads?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

Choosing the best peer to peer downloads can be a tricky task. Many sites are being shut down due to copyright infringement violations, and others continue to operate with members being able to actively engage in illegal file transfers. To find the best peer to peer downloads, you will likely need to begin by doing a thorough Internet search of all the available options, and find those that are both legal and safe.

There are many types of peer to peer download sites. Most of these are used for the sharing of music, movies, and game files. This in and of itself is not wrong; however, many users take advantage of the open nature of these sites by transferring materials that they are not authorized to share with others without written permission. Doing so is considered copyright infringement and is illegal in most areas.

Peer to peer download sites may be used for sharing music.
Peer to peer download sites may be used for sharing music.

You can safely use one of these sites as long as you do not download anything that is copyrighted. Unfortunately, with most sites, this is easier said than done. Users on many of these sites have nothing but copyrighted materials. To find peer to peer downloads that are legal and safe, you may have to go with a less popular website.

Many up and coming bands offer their music for download at no charge and allow their songs to be distributed freely. There are specialized peer to peer downloads that offer music of this kind, legally and without guilt. There are also legal sites which offer re-recorded versions of popular songs.

Games and movie peer to peer downloads should be used in the same way, although finding games or motion pictures developed by novice designers and filmmakers may not be as easy as finding legit music in this way. To find legal sites do an online search for "legal peer to peer downloads" and see what comes up. Watch out though, because although many sites are legal, they may still allow users to perform illegal downloads.

You should also remember to have your antivirus software updated, or to get software if you are not currently using virus protection. Peer to peer downloads can contain viruses, trojans, and ad-ware that can be harmful to your computer. By making sure you're protected ahead of time, you can avoid costly problems later on.

If you prefer to download mainstream music and other materials, there are sites that allow you to do so legally. There is generally a fee required to use these sites, but that is a small price to pay in comparison to facing legal charges for downloading illegally. Fees may be charged monthly, per download, or both.

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Erin Hill

I cannot give information about individual sites since I'm not a tech support type person, and this article was just general in nature.

So, I would advise you to contact tech support for the site you are trying to use. If there isn't a tech support dept, try customer service. If they don't have that, try and contact the webmaster or find another site with better customer support. Good luck.


I just joined and one I can't seem to ever get the code right, I put in the letters caps or lower case and I keep getting it incorrect, what am I doing wrong. The reason I joined is I am visiting in Mexico and want to rent a movie for viewing after I download it.

I am on a WiFi network and my speed is good enough to download at night and watch during the day. All the biggies Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon etc will not send to Mexico. What's a visitor to do? I of course have a valid address and credit card etc in the states. So far no luck, any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    • Peer to peer download sites may be used for sharing music.
      By: Michael Flippo
      Peer to peer download sites may be used for sharing music.