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How do I Convert MOV to DVD?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

To effectively convert MOV to DVD files you will likely need to utilize a program specifically created to facilitate media file conversion. These programs are made by a number of different software developers, and most of these programs will feature a wide array of options and features to make the conversion easier. You should be sure to download the program from a reputable site to avoid malware and look for features to help you create your desired end result.

There are a number of different reasons why a person may want to convert MOV to DVD, but typically it is done to burn media to a digital versatile disc (DVD). MOV files are computer media files that typically contain audio and video information, though the file type can also be used for audio only files, in which case a compact disc (CD) may be a more appropriate medium for burning. DVD files are also media files used for video and audio data, but this format can store other data as well. This data includes information for menus and chapter breaks, which are useful features for playback in a DVD player.

Special programs can help burn files to DVDs.
Special programs can help burn files to DVDs.

You will likely want to download a program specifically developed to convert MOV to DVD, and there are many different programs from which to choose. Most file converters will indicate specific file types that can be used for input and output; this means you should look for a program that can open MOV files and convert to DVD files. You can typically convert MOV to DVD in these programs simply by opening the file or files you wish to convert — you might select “input” rather than “open” depending on the program — and then selecting “convert” or “save as” a DVD file.

Many programs that can convert MOV to DVD also include features and options that can allow you to accomplish other tasks as well. You may be able to compile multiple MOV files into a single longer DVD file, or make minor edits to the files before conversion. Many programs will also allow you to set up your DVD file with data for chapter breaks and menus as well. A program designed to convert MOV to DVD will also often allow you to burn to a DVD after converting, though this can be done using other programs as well.

You should be sure to look for a program to convert MOV to DVD that meets both your needs and your budget. Most programs that convert files are available for a free trial and require a license fee to unlock the full version, though you may be able to find simple freeware converters as well. You should only download such programs from a reliable and reputable website to avoid downloading malicious software with your converter.

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    • Special programs can help burn files to DVDs.
      By: poselenov
      Special programs can help burn files to DVDs.