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What Are Computer Affiliate Programs?

Helen Akers
Helen Akers

Computer affiliate programs are a web-based way to earn revenue. Anyone with a personal website or blog can apply to become an affiliate with one of the many available programs. Once they are approved, the website creator can post a referral link that is embedded in an advertisement for the affiliate company's products. Commissions are earned on all sales that are referred from the website's link.

There are affiliate ranking and reference website directories that provide a list of some of the top earning computer affiliate programs. Those who are new to the idea of Internet network marketing might find some of these lists useful. A description of the type of products, commission structures and average earnings are provided. Some of the affiliate programs are associated with well-known companies while others focus specifically on a line of products, such as shareware.

Some computer affiliate programs offer commission on injet printer sales.
Some computer affiliate programs offer commission on injet printer sales.

A portion of the computer affiliate programs in existence focus on hardware sales. The types of products offered include desktop computers, laptops, printers and other related accessories. Other programs offer commission on sales of software programs or inkjet cartridges for printers. Depending on what type of products a website owner thinks visitors would be most likely to purchase, he may decide to focus on one, two or a multitude of programs.

The companies that pay referral commissions in computer affiliate programs do so as a reward. Since the website owner is directing traffic and sales that the company might not otherwise gain, the company returns some of that profit to the referral source. Commissions typically range from six to 25 percent of referred sales. It is a win-win situation for both sides, as the website owner earns passive income while the company gains exposure, free advertising and increased revenue.

Computer affiliate programs incorporate the idea of word-of-mouth advertising. It is a low-cost alternative to spending additional funds on traditional sources such as television, magazines and newspapers. Network marketing works best with products that have a mass appeal and are deliverable through an online or direct selling platform. They do, however, count on the fact that potential customers will need little prodding to investigate and make a purchase.

A few of the affiliate programs do not sell products, but rather an informational course in how to become a successful website designer. The program sells the information and the person who provided the referral earns commission on the cost of the course. Affiliate members receive a free copy of the instruction materials and also earn residual income on the program's monthly membership cost.

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    • Some computer affiliate programs offer commission on injet printer sales.
      By: Norman Chan
      Some computer affiliate programs offer commission on injet printer sales.