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What Are Digital Scrapbook Pages?

E. Reeder
E. Reeder

Digital scrapbook pages are similar to physical scrapbook pages in that they are a way to store photographs and preserve memories in a visually appealing manner. The only difference is that digital scrapbook pages are developed, created, edited and stored online or in a computer file instead of in a physical scrapbook. Just as people can add photos, words, images, colors and backgrounds to physical scrapbook pages, they can do the same to digital scrapbook pages.

Advantages of digital scrapbook materials are numerous. People who use this medium can more easily store, change and manipulate their scrapbook than those who keep traditional paper scrapbooks. There often is a small fee involved in buying online scrapbook pages and their materials, such as graphics. The fees for digital scrapbooking, however, are much lower than those involved in creating traditional scrapbooks, because there are no physical materials, such as specialized paper, letters and glue, which can be expensive. Digital scrapbook pages also are advantageous because they do not consume the physical space of bound scrapbooks and do not become aged or worn over time.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Just as digital pictures can be easily shared with friends and family, so can digital scrapbook pages. This is another reason for people who want to share their work with friends and family to use this medium. Users of digital scrapbooking technologies can share their work with those close to them much more easily than they could share traditional methods, especially if those loved ones live far away.

Disadvantages also exist for digital scrapbook pages. They may be difficult for people who are not technologically proficient to use, because they do require some advanced computer savvy. People who are not technologically proficient yet wish to create digital scrapbook pages should search for websites that are user friendly. Digital scrapbook pages, like any type of technology, also may be lost or damaged by being stored incorrectly or as a result of technological malfunctions.

As digital scrapbooking catches on as a crafting medium, more websites and computer programs become available to assist in the endeavor. People who are interested in learning to use digital scrapbooking services to create digital scrapbooks should compare websites as well as programs and software that provide this service. It is helpful to compare the capabilities as well as ease of use and storage before deciding on the program or website to use for digital scrapbooking.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip