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What are DMX Lasers?

J. Winchester
J. Winchester

A digital multiplex (DMX) laser is a laser module that is controlled by the DMX512 communication protocol. DMX lasers are commonly used in laser light shows. The DMX512 protocol allows the lighting technician to accurately control the movements of the laser, which makes it possible to create elaborate laser effects.

DMX lasers can produce a wide variety of effects. When combined with a scanner, DMX lasers can create almost any kind of pattern. It is possible to create simple images and text using a DMX laser. The lasers are often synced to the beat of the music during a musical performance.

DMX lasers are often used in laser light shows.
DMX lasers are often used in laser light shows.

A DMX laser system usually consists of a DMX controller that is connected by an XLR cable to the laser module. The laser module has an "in" port, where the module receives instructions from the controller, and an "out" port that can be used to link the module to other lasers. The DMX system can consist of anything from a single laser module to hundreds of lasers and lights. One of the most common configurations for the laser modules consists of one red laser diode and one green diode, but there are many combinations available. Some laser modules are only one color, whereas some have red, blue, and green lasers that allow them to make any color.

The diodes are mounted on motors that allow them to be controlled by the DMX controller and produce the desired effects. The motors can be controlled very accurately, usually to within a fraction of a degree, which enables very precise control of the laser. Most DMX laser modules also have mirrors inside of them, which makes them more versatile. A single diode can be split into hundreds of beams or be used to create images.

DMX lasers are usually combined with DMX lights when creating show lighting. A lighting technician can control all of the DMX lights and lasers from a single controller, which makes it easier to control the lighting. It is a difficult task to manage all of the stage lighting and typically takes more than one person.

DMX lasers are popular because of the practicality of DMX systems. DMX systems are standardized, which means that all DMX components are compatible with each other. DMX systems can also be quickly assembled and disassembled. The DMX system also typically uses five-pin XLR cables, which are known for their ruggedness and durability. For situations in which it is not practical to use traditional wiring, there are also wireless systems that allow for wireless operation of DMX devices.

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    • DMX lasers are often used in laser light shows.
      By: mytree
      DMX lasers are often used in laser light shows.