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What Are Holographic Stickers?

Holographic stickers are vibrant, eye-catching decals that shimmer with a rainbow-like effect, thanks to a special layer that diffracts light. They add a unique, futuristic touch to products and personal items, enhancing security and authenticity. Intrigued by how these stickers can transform your items? Discover their myriad uses and how to incorporate them into your world.
A.M. Boyle
A.M. Boyle

Holographic stickers are specially designed labels that have been infused with a two- or three-dimensional image. Sometimes called “hologram stickers,” the labels have adhesive backs so that they can be affixed wherever they are needed or wanted. For the most part, holographic stickers are used for security and verification purposes. They are also sold for purely entertainment purposes.

The creation of a hologram sticker is a very technical and precise process. Basically, a certain image is duplicated and engraved with a laser beam onto a specific surface. For holographic stickers, that surface is usually a type of foil or modified paper. Text, numbers, or other designs, such as drawings or photographs, can all be turned into holographic images. The image can also be layered to create various two- and three-dimensional effects.

Woman holding a disc
Woman holding a disc

Many businesses use holographic stickers for security and verification purposes. Due to the versatility of holograms, the stickers can reflect a product security code or logo and be placed on packages, software, computers, or other items that might be subject to tampering or security breaches. The intent is to provide an extra layer of security. For instance, certain holographic stickers are pressure sensitive so that they are easily and obviously damaged should someone try to remove or alter them. Other stickers are designed to release a certain pattern or key word if they are removed or damaged so that a person can readily tell if an item has been tampered with.

Holographic images, including photographs, cannot be duplicated unless an individual has the original picture used to create the image, so this technology has been used to secure sensitive items such as credit cards and drivers licenses. Generally, a holographic sticker in the form of an overlay is created and used to add a person’s picture or other identifying image to a credit card or license. A potential thief will not be able to successfully alter the image or duplicate the picture. As a result, counterfeit cards or licenses are nearly impossible to create.

In addition to security and verification, holographic stickers, because of their unique and eye-catching appearances, are also used for entertainment purposes. Holographic stickers depicting cartoon characters or other colorful images are available at many toy stores, novelty shops, and on the Internet. The unique holographic technology brings the characters to life. Consequently, kids and adults alike enjoy placing lifelike, three-dimensional images of their favorite cartoon, television, or movie characters any place they wish.

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Discussion Comments


Getting holographic stickers made for your business can be a great way to mark your items as originals. You can order custom made holographic stickers cheaply online, and use them to add your logo or a serial number to each of your products.

For myself I make art prints of my own work, and for the extra little touch I make sure that all of my pieces are marked with a holographic sticker. These are very difficult to reproduce so it is an easy way to protect your property.

You can also buy special holographic stickers to print on yourself, but I found this too costly, with a single roll of stickers going for hundreds of dollars.


When I was a kid I loved collecting stickers and those with holograms were always a special find. I remember being fascinated with how holographic images seemed to leap of the page and how motion could be imitated by the way I titled the image.

One of my favorite holographic stickers showed Mickey Mouse running across a field. I used to get a kick out of moving the sticker back and forth really fast, to see how quickly I could make Mickey move. My mom used to tease me about making Mickey ill with all of the movement I was making him do. Definitely a fond memory from childhood.

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    • Woman holding a disc
      Woman holding a disc