What are LED Glasses?

G. Wiesen

LED glasses are eyeglasses that utilize light emitting diodes (LEDs) to create a number of different effects depending on the placement of the lights. Many pairs of these glasses will include a number of different brightly colored lights all along the frames of the glasses to make them stand out, and are typically intended for use at dark night clubs, parties, or nighttime parades. There are also pairs of glasses with a few small white LEDs on the frame aimed outward to help illuminate where the wearer is looking. LED glasses can also be designed and used to help treat conditions such as depression or insomnia.

LED glasses may be used to help treat insomnia.
LED glasses may be used to help treat insomnia.

Sometimes called LED eyeglasses, to distinguish them from drinking glasses that include LEDs, LED glasses can be designed for a number of purposes. Common designs for these glasses use a number of colored lights that run all along the frames, both on the earpieces and around the lenses. Such glasses are typically worn at social functions that are dark, such as dance clubs, night parades at theme parks, and parties. These sorts of LED glasses do not usually serve a practical purpose but are intended for entertainment.

LED glasses can be designed and used to help treat depression and other mood disorders.
LED glasses can be designed and used to help treat depression and other mood disorders.

There are also LED glasses designed for more practical purposes. These can include glasses designed with only a few white LEDs to illuminate the area at which a person is looking. This can be quite useful for reading at night or in the dark as an alternative to a book light, and such glasses could be used for more entertaining purposes as well. These LED glasses can also help someone be more noticeable if walking or riding a bicycle in the evening or at night.

Some types of LED glasses are also designed to serve therapeutic purposes, though the effectiveness of such glasses is still being researched. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a common source of depression in the winter, which is caused by a lack of sunlight and the physiological affect sun has on a person. LED glasses can be worn that shine light into a person’s eyes to replicate the effect of sunlight and help a person overcome the sun deficiency and better regulate his or her mood. There are also glasses that use LEDs to help regulate a person’s circadian rhythms, which control when a person is able to easily sleep and wake; these glasses are being tested as treatment to combat everything from insomnia to jet lag.

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If you are looking for LED glasses, then you must know that there are many different kinds. Some of the more popular ones are LED party glasses, safety glasses and LED lighted reading glasses.


I think it would be awesome to have eyeglasses with built in night lights. I know, it would actually be kind of dorky, but I find head lamps really annoying.

I do a lot of reading after my partner is asleep, so my wearing a head lamp seems to be our best solution. But, having to fiddle with it every five minutes usually wakes him up anyway.

For some reason they just will not sit properly on my head.

But I already wear glasses, so maybe I will look into trying to get a prescription pair that has little LED lights for reading.


LEDs are really useful. They are supposedly quite simple to rig up at home too, so if you were so inclined you could probably find out how to make your own LED glasses.

I mean, they will probably look as though you made them at home, but some people like that kind of look!

Most things that include LEDs seem to be quite expensive, while I've noticed the parts to make LED products are quite cheap. And the light bulbs work for a very long time on limited energy. So, why not give it a try?

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