What are Some Educational Websites for Kids?

K T Solis

Parents searching for free, educational websites for kids can find quality sites that teach children academic skills like reading, math, science, and social studies. These educational websites for kids are interactive, colorful, and encourage children to learn in a fun, informal environment. Many people are unaware of these free online resources, so it's useful to do a little investigating to determine which sites are best for each specific child.

Parents can find free educational websites that teach kids skills including reading.
Parents can find free educational websites that teach kids skills including reading.

One website favored by parents and teachers is the Starfall.com website. This educational site for kids features a host of activities that teaches students important reading concepts. From learning letter sounds to reading short stories, this site helps kids in grades Pre-K through second grade. Kids can choose from a variety of interactive games that feature bright colors, music, and sound effects.

A virtual trip to the zoo through webcams can provide animal education opportunities.
A virtual trip to the zoo through webcams can provide animal education opportunities.

Kidsknowit.com is another interactive website for kids. The site features a variety of links on topics such as animals, astronomy, human biology, dinosaurs, history, spelling, language arts, and more. The site's animal section lets kids take a virtual trip to the zoo in order to learn about animals and their habitats. Children who enjoy learning about space can click on the astronomy section of the site which allows kids to take an interactive journey through the universe. From free educational movies to games and everything in between, kids can learn a variety of subjects by visiting Kidsknowit.com.

Funbrain.com is a popular educational website for kids that features math and reading games. Kids can play games such as Math Baseball and Math Car Racing to learn mathematics concepts. Grammar Gorillas teaches kids English grammar. They can work on their reading skills by reading web books and comics like the bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Out of the many educational websites for kids, Funbrain.com is one of the most extensive.

PBS for Kids provides an educational website at PBSkids.org. Children play games featuring characters from the channel's television programs. All games are educational and feature activities that promote math, reading, and more. The games are designed for various age levels and allow kids to learn in a friendly web environment.

These are just a handful of educational websites for kids that parents may use to help their children succeed in school just by spending time playing a few educational games. The educational websites for kids enable children to strengthen skills in math, reading, science, social studies, and more. Colorful, interactive features provide children with a hands-on way to learn more about various academic subjects. Spending just a few minutes a day with these games may help some children improve their performance in the classroom.

Some website can inspire kids to draw.
Some website can inspire kids to draw.

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Comfyshoes-But I think one of the top educational websites for kids is Quia and Book Adventure. Quia offers a game show formats so that your child can learn various concepts.

For example one of their formats involves the I Want to be a Millionaire format in which the questions get progressively harder and are worth more money.

I sometimes use this with grammar concepts so that my kids have more practice. Book Adventure is another good educational website for kids that I use that offers quizzes on various books.

I try to find Accelerated Reader books at school that also coincide with this website so that they can get practice taking quizzes so that they can check their reading comprehension.

The site even offers a suggested list of titles depending on the grade level you choose. You can even select the list by genre. This is really helpful when my kids are reading chapter books that are especially long because they have multiple versions of all of their quizzes.

This site is a Sylvan site, but it is a completely free site that is one of the best on the internet.


Subway11-I am familiar with Brain Pop it is really fun. Another fun educational website for kids is Starfall.

Starfall is a free website that teaches initial phonics and digraphs that help children learn how to read. It offers a lot of positive feedback when a child gets the answer correct and you can even down load the phonics readers in order to practice reading while not on the computer.

There are also spelling exercises that make reading a lot of fun.

Spelling City is another good educational website for kids. It allows your child to enter the spelling words in the system and the computer will then test your child’s knowledge by announcing the word and then have your child type the word. There is also a certificate at the end.


Great educational websites for kids include Brain Pop and Enchanted Learning. Brain Pop is great because it offers an interactive experience with two characters and always offers a 10 minute segment followed by a short quiz in order to test if the child learned anything.

It really offers topics on all academic subjects ranging from math and science to English grammar and social studies. Enchanted Learning offers information on a lot of activities for reinforcing holidays and more social studies oriented topics. It also offers cut outs, tracing, and coloring pages to add to the lesson.

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