What Are the Applications of Artificial Intelligence?

C.B. Fox

There are many different applications of artificial intelligence and new uses for the technology are developed each year as artificial intelligence programs become more sophisticated. Artificial intelligence is frequently used by the military and in aviation and robotics. It is also used in the public sector in medicine, finance, and business. Artificial intelligence has even made intelligent toys available for children at relatively low prices.

There are toy robots that walk, talk and interact with children.
There are toy robots that walk, talk and interact with children.

One of the most obvious applications of artificial intelligence is in creating computerized brains for robots. These programs allow robots to make choices about how to respond to stimuli, without direct input from humans. One example of this type of technology is the rovers that are deployed on the surfaces of distant planets. These machines make choices about how to get around obstacles because the great distance between the robot and humans makes it impractical for the robot to wait for each new instruction to arrive. Less sophisticated versions of these programs are often used in toys, creating robots with a limited ability to interact with their environment and with the children playing with them.

Advanced artificial intelligence will enable robots to serve humans in domestic settings.
Advanced artificial intelligence will enable robots to serve humans in domestic settings.

There are also applications of artificial intelligence in the field of medicine. Intelligent diagnostic programs can make observations about a patient's symptoms and compare that data to possible syndromes that the patient could be affected with. This technology is extremely useful because it is easy for human doctors to overlook a condition, whereas computer programs cannot forget a to take information into account.

Military organizations also find many applications for artificial intelligence. Programs are used to run simulations which can help humans make important tactical decisions. Additionally, artificial intelligence is used aviation, where it can assist in training pilots. These programs can also gather information about a pilot's abilities, which helps it learn to train each pilot more efficiently.

Many people come into contact with artificial intelligence in customer service programs. These programs, often called chat bots, are programed to respond to inquiries from clients and offer support or answers to questions. Human customer service representatives are often made available if the artificial intelligence program is unable to help.

Financial institutions also find applications for artificial intelligence. Specialized programs are designed to search for patterns in financial markets in order to make investment decisions. These programs are capable of initiating trades on their own and often make decisions that are at least as financially sound as those of human brokers.

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I came across an article in the paper today. Scientists have made a new game that detects bullies in the classroom. It can determine which students are bullies, which are victims or bystanders.

I think this is very cool and I'm sure that it will be very beneficial for teachers, counselors and parents if used at schools. Bullying is a serious and widespread issue. I would like to see artificial intelligence being used for more things like this, for research and identifications of problems and solutions that are applicable to real life.


I think artificial intelligence has much greater use in the military. Like most technology, artificial intelligence applications first get developed for the military and after some time, they may be released for public use if it is believed that there is a benefit. Of course the ones made for public use such as toys, gadgets and video games are far different in their capability and reach.

But it's not too unrealistic to assume that a small robot toy is just a miniature version of a larger one, and a video game as a different version of a military simulation.


Some applications of artificial intelligence are very useful and even essential, such as in aviation and space. But some are not useful or needed in my opinion. I've personally never gotten a right or helpful response from a customer service chat bot. They always give information that's not useful and I always end up connecting to a real person for help.

I don't think this bit of artificial intelligence really benefits anyone. They should do away with it and hire more customer service representatives instead.

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