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What Are the Different Types of Digital Mixers?

Jean Marie Asta
Jean Marie Asta

Digital mixers are electronic devices that mix and manipulate radio frequencies (RF) and audio waveforms. One of the most notable of the types of digital mixers is the soundboard used in recording studios for recording music, voices, and other kinds of sounds. Analog and powered soundboards were once popular for live recording, but digital mixers have risen in popularity because they can exist as standalone devices or as part of computer software. The recorded sounds can also be saved in computers and manipulated, or mixed, at a later time. There are many different kinds of digital mixers that can be used for different purposes.

Most often used for recording live music or sounds, the digital audio mixer is made up of electronic components to record audio, play back the audio, and mix the audio. This digital mixer type is made up of multiple link groups for channels of audio waveforms. A data setter within the digital mixer operates and sets values for data elements in each channel to synchronize with their corresponding channels. These are used for the recording functions, which can then be played back at a later time as a result of saving the recorded audio. There is also a computerized interface on the device that allows a user to see certain information about the audio, such as volume, pitch or frequency.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Another of the types of digital mixers is used in a down converter, which is a device designed for digital sampling of subharmonics. The device is used in a demodulator for analog IF signals and includes components such as a converter to turn analog signals into digital streams of data. This converter samples the frequencies at a particular sample rate based on the frequency of the signals that it is converting. The digital mixer within the device converts the data samples into baseband. These data are then represented in terms of sequential data words or phrases.

Personal computers may also use digital mixers in the form of software installed or downloaded from the Internet. A very popular type of mixer is software that manipulates the pitch of a sound into the desired pitch of the user. The software can approach this problem by several methods. One method involves automatic pitch adjustment, where it detects a sound’s or voice’s pitch and adjusts it to the desired pitch. When the user wants to adjust the pitch himself, he may view a graphic interface that represents the sounds on the computer screen in the form of wave frequencies or other graphics.

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      Woman posing