What are the Different Types of Social Network Script?

Troy Holmes

A social networking website is a modern software application that allows collaboration between people. These websites typically include blogs, video, music, and instant messenger chatting. A social network script is a template for creating a collaboration website. This script includes the basic framework to create a social network application. It provides the tools and modules necessary to quickly establish a presence on the Internet.

A few commercial social network scripts are designed specifically for online dating websites.
A few commercial social network scripts are designed specifically for online dating websites.

There are a few types of social networks used today. These websites are designed to enable the collaboration of ideas and group interests. Social networks are typically divided into general, private, and government groups. Each type of application typically uses a special social network script. This program includes modules that enable data to be securely shared among users.

Many social networking sites use the scripting language PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP). This form of social network script is fairly intuitive and easy to use. PHP frameworks include many pre-canned modules for blogs, instant messaging, and audio-video sharing. This type of scripting language is freely available on the Internet and is widely used by many social networking sites today.

A social network script can make it easy to manage customer accounts and billing statements. This scripting language includes modules that connect seamlessly to popular online payment sites include Paypal® and Visa® credit card systems. The software enables quick integration of global services, which can be adapted to the needs of the specific social networking site.

ABK soft and SocailGo are commercially available social network script applications. These products include many templates and features that enable online chatting, photo sharing, and online game management. The scripting tools include easy-to-use administration screens that allow the configuration of multiple modules within the social networking site.

A few commercial social network scripts are designed specifically for online dating websites. These are the sites on the Internet that provide social matchmaking. Some examples include Dating Sitebuilder and CyberMatch software. These programs include added modules that enable the matching of ideas and interest by specific groups including age, sports, and relationship profiles.

Social networking scripts typically include advanced content management features. These options provide users with control over personal videos, photos, and audio files. Some examples include special photo albums and personal audio playlists features. Content management software provides a seamless interface to upload and download content from a personal computer to the Internet.

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