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What Are the Different Types of UHF Power Amplifier?

Jean Marie Asta
Jean Marie Asta

A general power amplifier is any device that takes input signals and transforms them into stronger signals, or increases the amplitude of the signal. Amplifiers are used for many different purposes, one of which includes radio communications via radio frequency (RF) power amplifiers. These kinds of power amplifiers convert radio frequencies with low power into larger signals with significantly more power, usually for driving a transmitter’s antennae. There are different types of RF power amplifiers based on radio frequency, including an ultra high frequency (UHF) power amplifier or very high frequency (VHF) power amplifier. The UHF power amplifier is normally optimized for high efficiency, has good input and output return loss, good gain, optimal heat dissipation, and a high compression of output power.

One type of UHF power amplifier is a device that is high performance and operates over three bandwidth octaves. It also operates as a VHF power amplifier and exhibits distortion that is low in the band range of VHF to UHF. The device has low pass filters, transistors and certain other circuitry elements that are utilized for proper functioning of the device. Its amplifier circuit component, which is simplified, transistorized and broad band, is compact and inexpensive to manufacture. The device has transistor pairs that connect to other transistors with reactive elements that are adjustable, which are used to control the sharpness or selectivity of tuning.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Military forces use the UHF power amplifier for maintenance of instant radio communication as well. Oftentimes, the military needs a UHF power amplifier that is compact in size, high performance, and has a bandwidth between 30 and 512 megahertz (MHz). The UHF power amplifier that the military and tactical forces use requires this bandwidth because it covers all tactical frequencies on the ground and in the air, frequencies of civil telecommunications, and ally frequencies. Achieving this range of bandwidth requires a load line that uses line transformers with coaxial transmission combined with lumped structures that are embedded. The device must also have its load lines determined, which is done using computer software.

A UHF power amplifier is also used in television receivers as part of the tuning process. In the receiver, there is a tuned circuit coupled to the field effect transistor’s (FET) gate electrode by a network of impedance transformation, which is comprised of connected inductors and connected capacitors. The powered signal that is transferred between a television receiver’s FET and tuned circuit are amplified by the use of a UHF power amplifier.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips