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What are the Different Types of VBScript Functions?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

The visual basic scripting language (vbscript) is a commonly used scripting tool designed for Microsoft® Internet applications. This scripting language is fairly simple to use and has many pre-canned vbscript functions available. These functions are divided into mathematical functions, string conversion functions, and logic flow functions. Each functional group has a specific purpose within this visual basic scripting language.

The functions available in Microsoft® vbscript are fairly easy to use. These functions are considered client-side scripting tools because they run in browser of the computer desktop. These functions are designed to support standard components that are used in web pages, which can increase the productivity of web designers.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

The vbscript math functions enable a developer to perform simple mathematical operations on data that is captured from the computer screen. This includes addition, subtraction, and multiplication. These functions also include more complex algebraic calculations. The scripting methods available in the language assist with the logic of a program, which can help with sorting and processing algorithms.

String conversion functions are another critical component of computer programs. These functions help a developer manipulate the contents of data on the screen. The trim functions are examples of powerful vbscript functions that manipulate strings. These functions remove blank spaces between words and letters in a string of data.

ActiveX controls are the standard modular components available in most Microsoft®-designed web pages. These controls are managed with special vbscript functions. This vbscript code has complete control over these web components, which makes them work properly on the web page.

Vbscript functions are designed to work on Microsoft® Internet-based products only. This includes both Internet Explorer® (IE) and Internet Information Services® (IIS). These functions are not considered platform independent because they will not function properly in other website products that are not considered Microsoft®-compliant Internet software.

There are multiple date functions available in the vbscript language. These vbscript functions help display dates on websites in a specific format. The date functions available include standard permutations of date formats, which also include date and time representations.

Vbscript has many generic functions that are primarily used to control objects and other components in ®Windows. These functions include message boxes, image controls, and standard input capture boxes. Using these special pre-canned functions increases productivity and makes the screen have a standard presentation style on Microsoft®-based web pages.

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    • Woman doing a handstand with a computer
      Woman doing a handstand with a computer