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What Are the Different Types of Virtual Reality Games for Girls?

Virtual reality games for girls offer diverse worlds to immerse in, from fantastical adventures to creative design spaces. They can be heroes in action-packed quests or nurture their artistic side in tranquil environments. These games empower girls with choice and representation. What's your daughter's dream VR experience? Let's uncover the virtual realms where her imagination can soar.
Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Virtual reality games are sometimes targeted toward girls in particular, as they tend to enjoy certain subjects and activities more than boys. For example, some of the most popular virtual reality games for girls involve either choosing the physical and mental details of characters from scratch, or changing a character's existing features through a makeover. Other games for girls allow users to create a fashion line, dress up dolls or go shopping at a virtual mall. Another type of virtual reality game that might interest girls focuses on taking care of virtual pets.

Many girls like virtual reality games that focus on creating characters and taking care of them. For this reason, some of the most popular virtual reality games for girls allow players to choose the physical attributes of their character, including the color of the skin, hair and eyes. Girls also can dress their characters, style their hair and decide which personality traits they possess. In some cases, this is the extent of the game, though they also can often chat with other users as they create their characters. On the other hand, some virtual reality games require users to help their characters get a job, decorate their house and generally live out a virtual life.

Many girls prefer virtual reality games in which they take on the persona of a character.
Many girls prefer virtual reality games in which they take on the persona of a character.

Other virtual reality games for girls focus on fashion. For example, users can give a makeover to a doll that is already dressed, allowing them to change the clothes, hairstyle and makeup. Some games allow girls to create their own fashion line, manage a fashion store or pretend they are the assistant editor at a fashion publication. Games also may focus on shopping at a virtual mall, letting users take a set amount of money and choose which clothes to buy, all while chatting with other players about their selections.

Some virtual reality games for girls focus on pets, which may be fun for players who cannot have a pet in real life. In many cases, dogs, cats and other furry animals can be chosen and dressed, and users can take them on walks, teach them tricks and feed them treats. Depending on the target age group, the pets may perish if users forget to feed them, though the more basic games for younger girls tend to have fewer consequences. In some cases, pet-centered virtual reality games for girls can appeal even to those who have pets in real life, because these games may allow for more exotic pets that aren't available at the local pet shop or animal shelter.

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Discussion Comments


@clintflint - Much as I would prefer games to be gender neutral or flexible, we don't live in a perfect world. What I hate, though, is virtual reality games that have started popping up especially on tablets, where young girls are being encouraged into harmful stereotypes.

You can actually get a game where children are supposed to decide where their character will get plastic surgery in order to look pretty. Which is bad enough, but of course there are no male characters in this game. It's all based around women.


@irontoenail - There shouldn't be any stigma about boys or girls games, that's true, but you can't really ignore that there are a lot of games that are primarily marketed towards women. And, since the success of the Sims games (which really opened up the female market) a lot of them seem to be simulation games about traditionally female scenarios, like shopping or fashion or whatever.

I guess what happens is, they figure that they can make virtual reality games that appeal to boys and serious girl gamers will play them regardless. But in order to bring in that specific market of girls who don't really play games very often, they have to push games in a particular direction.

It's kind of sexist, but they wouldn't do it if it didn't sell games.


The thing is, often the only thing that differs between a game for girls and a game for boys is the graphics. They have the exact same gameplay and the exact same goals. Most of the games I play are oriented primarily towards male gamers and they have very extensive options at the start allowing you to shape your character by personality or appearance. And all kids loved Tamagotchi games, which were taking care of a virtual pet.

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    • Many girls prefer virtual reality games in which they take on the persona of a character.
      By: Jandrie Lombard
      Many girls prefer virtual reality games in which they take on the persona of a character.