What Are the Different Types of Web Gadgets?

G. Wiesen

Many different types of web gadgets can be categorized based on the type of tasks they help a person perform or the way they are used. Scheduling and organizational gadgets can include tools to help a person keep track of upcoming events, tools for tracking time spent on different tasks, and reminders that can be sent to different applications. Game gadgets are available in a wide array of styles, which allow someone to spend a brief period of time playing a short game on a webpage. There are also a number of other web gadgets that can be used for various practical purposes, such as currency or measurement converters, maps, and communication tools.

Blog hosting websites typically provide web gadgets for their users to add to their site.
Blog hosting websites typically provide web gadgets for their users to add to their site.

Web gadgets are small online applications that can effectively be imbedded into the code of a webpage. These gadgets can then be used by visitors to that page, or its administrators, for many purposes. Some basic web gadgets include counters that track the number of visitors to a site and tools that make navigation of that site easier.

Tablet computers are a type of web gadget.
Tablet computers are a type of web gadget.

There are a number of web gadgets to help a person with scheduling and keeping track of time or tasks. These include clocks that can be placed on a website, including clocks that show the time in different parts of the world. Scheduling gadgets can be used to allow someone to request information about upcoming events on a site, which then send reminders to that person’s email or phone about those events. Other timing gadgets can be used as stopwatches, to allow someone to track how long he or she spends on a website or on performing other tasks.

Many web gadgets are used for playing games online. These games are typically quite simplistic but allow someone to create a small, fun gadget that can be played through the interface of the site. Such games can be simple versions of well-known video games or digital versions of established board or paper games.

There are also various web gadgets used for a multitude of other purposes. Currency or measurement converters can be placed on a website, which allow visitors to quickly and easily convert money amounts between different currencies, or convert measurements between US and metric values. Other web gadgets include maps, both of the world and more local or regional locations, which may be interactive or customizable based on a person’s location. Various communication tools are also available, allowing websites to interact with social media and mobile communication devices.

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