What are the Most Popular Internet Games?

Jeff Petersen
Jeff Petersen

A wide variety of Internet games exist in many different styles, themes, and price ranges. Some of the most popular ones include Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPGs), First Person Shooters (FPS), Real Time Strategy (RTS), and browser-based games. Different games within these categories can be found for the computer and for many of the popular game consoles.

Star Wars internet games attract huge numbers of gamers.
Star Wars internet games attract huge numbers of gamers.

MMORPGs are currently some of the most popular Internet games, as well as the most profitable for the game companies. These games, which include titles such as World of Warcraft, Everquest and Everquest 2, Matrix Online, Star Wars Galaxies and Guild Wars, attract huge numbers of gamers who first purchase the game itself, and then usually pay a monthly fee to play. Guild Wars is a notable exception, as it does not charge a monthly fee, but it also boasts a lower population than some of the other Internet games. Everquest claims to have over 400,000 players, while World of Warcraft boasts an amazing 6 million players.

Browser-based Internet games can include casino games.
Browser-based Internet games can include casino games.

First person shooters are a popular style of Internet game that can be played on a computer or a game console. Current favorites include Counter Strike, Halo 2, Quake 4 and Battlefield 2. FPS games allow players to take the role of a soldier, often in a futuristic setting. Players compete against one another in all out battles and in many different tasks, such as king of the hill or capture the flag.

RTS games allow a player to control an entire army in a battle against one or more opponents. Warcraft III, Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle Earth, Starcraft and various Warhammer titles offer players a variety of troops and settings, from Orcs and Elves to space marines and alien monsters. RTS games are popular on both Personal Computers (PCs) and consoles and tend to hold their popularity for a long time, as new strategies are continually developed.

Browser-based Internet games can include casino games, text-based adventures, role playing, puzzle games and trivia, among the countless variety available. Often, these include free content, with the option for the player to access additional content, earn better prizes, or advance to higher levels by paying a fee. The popular text-based adventure game Kingdom of Loathing, for example, allows players to create characters and adventure in the sarcastic and humorous game for free, but special items can be purchased by donating 10 US dollars (USD). Many online casino or card games allow free play, but also offer real money betting.

Many people enjoy playing first-person shooter style games via the Internet.
Many people enjoy playing first-person shooter style games via the Internet.
Jeff Petersen
Jeff Petersen

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Is anyone playing NBA 2K20 during this NBA downtime due to COVID-19? Will be glad when NBA gear back up but in the meantime 2k20 will have to do.


Let's not overlook, dismiss or forget about Steam's Killing Floor FPS! Zombie themed, of course, but if you don't work as a basic team, you're eaten. Seemingly unlimited types of and number of servers. Teamspeak3 + Raidcall and even Skype in game/team comms are available. A one time fee of $20 (discounted @ Steam on holidays) gets you in with continual play 24/7 (no updates shutting down gameplay). It's a fantastic game to experience!


What about Ninecraft?


Ultima Online started the MMORPG craze back in the late 90's and is still considered one of the better player vs player games available.


No runescape?


you have got to be kidding-- no runescape!


Are you serious? You forgot runescape! set a world record in guinness world records as the most played mmorpg. You missed a big one there. Over 300 million accounts created. ~131~


You are forgetting CoH. Blasphemy!


I really like Roblox. it's pretty popular! Is it not?


and farmville? 80 million players!


What about Runescape? You missed a big one there.



I'm still into farming wow gold, I love this game..


Oh, and now with facebook, don't forget Scrabulous! They're being sued by the makers of Scrabble but that doesn't seem to be stopping their popularity. I am the only one of all my friends not currently playing Scrabulous and it's just because I can't afford to use up that much time at work.

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