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What Is a 3D Barcode Generator?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

A three-dimensional (3D) barcode generator is a computer program that makes barcodes that can be embossed on items during the manufacturing process, because these barcodes stand up to chemicals better than labels would. There are many standards for 3D barcodes, and most 3D barcode generator programs meet many of these standards. To use the barcodes, the 3D barcode generator exports the image as a more commonly used graphics format. Most generators offer high-resolution graphics, because these barcodes emboss better than low-resolution ones. Text is sometimes needed around barcodes, and some generators have minor text-editing features.

Depending on the manufacturer’s niche, the company may need to use a certain barcode format to satisfy guidelines and standards. There are many different formats, so the majority of 3D barcode generator programs are equipped to work with many of these formats, though most generators do not include all formats. Each format makes barcode lines in a slightly different way and, if the manufacturer chooses the wrong format, the products may not properly scan.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Most 3D barcode generator programs make the barcode in a special format that only the generator understands and can work with. While this optimizes the generator’s ability to work with that image format, embossers typically cannot use the image. To correct this issue, generators are able to export and convert the barcode into a different image format that is more commonly used for embossing and printing. As with the barcode format, most generators offer many image formats, but not all of them.

Low-resolution barcode images can be a problem when embossing, because the lines may turn out blurry. This can lead to inaccuracies when the barcode is scanned, and most manufacturing companies cannot afford an expensive problem like this. Low-resolution graphics typically do not work very well for this application, so most 3D barcode generator programs offer high-resolution graphics. The barcode typically is made as a vector file, meaning the resolution can go as high as the user wants, and the vector format rarely takes up much memory.

The barcode itself usually will be enough for scanning and identifying a product, but text is sometimes needed. The text can be a serial number, a message for users or even the company’s name. While this is not a common feature, some 3D barcode generator programs do offer this for users. The text is usually simple, and there are commonly just a few font types from which to choose. Adding text typically increases how much memory the barcode graphic needs, usually doubling it.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip