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What is a .Bro File Extension?

A .bro file extension is associated with the Bro IDS (Intrusion Detection System), now known as Zeek. It's used for scripts that analyze network traffic and detect security threats. Understanding .bro files is crucial for cybersecurity professionals to safeguard digital environments effectively. How might these files be the key to enhancing your network's security? Let's explore their pivotal role together.
C. Harper
C. Harper

Unfortunately, there isn't one simple answer to what a bro file is because there are no rules, laws, or copyrights regulating the use of file extensions. Consequently, many programs create these files or save data in this format for differing reasons and purposes. There are some common uses for this file extension and common ways to convert one of the appropriate type to a different file format.

Bro files are regularly created by a program called Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator or OnyxTREE Broadleaf depending on the version. This program is a 3D modeler used for creating trees and bushes. The file created can only be opened by the software that creates it, but the software can save its models in a variety of formats making it able to be opened by other software.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Some Roland/Boss digital recording hardware devices record audio tracks in bro file format. Roland offers conversion software called BR Wave Converter which can convert these files into more common audio formats such as .wav or .aiff, or convert common audio file formats into .bro to be usable on their hardware devices. This software can be downloaded from Roland's website.

Embroidery and stitch files created by Bits and Volts software are saved in the this format, and a number of more common computerized embroidery programs can read and convert these files. Broderbund's Create a Booklet/Brochure Project software saves brochures with the extension, too.

Bro, an open-source network intrusion detection system based in Unix, uses the bro extension for internal policy scripts. There is no reason to convert these files because they contain information that is only relevant to this specific software.

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My child has a BOSS recorder and the flash card saves music as .bro files. what in the world is that? wiseGEEK knew. We are set free. We're mixing music and having fun. Thanks wiseGEEK!

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer