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What is a Digital Measuring Tape?

A digital measuring tape revolutionizes traditional measurement tools by displaying precise readings on an LCD screen. It combines the convenience of a classic tape measure with the accuracy of digital technology, ensuring error-free results for any project. Ready to transform your DIY tasks with unparalleled precision? Discover how a digital measuring tape can become your ultimate measuring companion.
S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

A digital measuring tape is a device that measures length traditionally with tape but can be read digitally. This type of device usually has a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen connected to a traditional measuring tape. When the tape is extended and used to measure, the LCD screen will display the length. Owners also have the option of recording the lengths for future reference.

A digital measuring tape allows its user to store and recall measurements that were taken using the tape. This can be useful during home repair or other projects that require frequent and numerous measurements. A digital measuring tape lets users store multiple measurements in the device's memory, so the measurements can be recorded and referenced without having to be written down or manually recorded after each measurement.


Common digital measuring tapes have an average length of 25 feet (7.5 m) but can come in virtually any length. The length of the digital measuring tape purchased likely will depend on the needs of its buyer. Those who have only small projects need not invest in a lengthy digital measuring tape.

Digital measuring tapes can be successfully used to position pictures, build shelves, hang curtains and make home modifications. They can be used virtually anywhere in the home where measurements need to be taken and recorded. A digital measuring tape also can be used for school or work projects. Students who major in science-related fields might find digital measuring tape especially useful in their personal and academic projects.

The features of a digital measuring tape can vary from model to model. Devices can turn on automatically when the tape is extended or shut off automatically when the tape is retracted, in order to conserve battery life. Many of the devices alert the user when batteries run low. Some models allow the user to have the measurement display for a longer period of time, and some advise the user of midway points with the touch of a button.

Conversion between standard units and metric units can be a handy feature for someone using this type of device, as is the display of fractions. Some devices might also have the ability to record voice notes so that a builder can take notes while on the job or listen to previous notes. Some settings might even let users manipulate case lengths when taking interior measurements. No matter the features of the device, though, the user can always bypass its digital capabilities and simply measure using the traditional tape.

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