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What is a Document Editor?

Dulce Corazon
Dulce Corazon

A document editor is any software program or application that is used for creating materials that can be made into print. The production of these materials usually involves composing or writing, editing, and formatting as well as printing of these copies when needed. It is popularly known as the word processor, and its more formal designation is a document preparation system. Early types of document editors were mainly desktop software programs that were often bulky. With the advent of online document editor applications and web content editor software programs, however, text document editing has become easier and faster for many users.

Document editors are some of the earliest office productivity applications made for desktop computers. Initially, the document editor was used as a tool for text formatting and it was simply a software application that was utilized for basic text justification processes. Most document editors may include several features such as character and word count, spelling check, as well as checking for correct grammar usage. A thesaurus is also sometimes included, which provides the user easy reference for synonyms and antonyms of various words.

Document editors are used to create and format materials for printing.
Document editors are used to create and format materials for printing.

There are several document editors that can be downloaded for free and have source codes that can be modified by anyone. They are generally considered open source software programs. An open source document editor is commonly used by individuals from all walks of life. Students as well as managers frequently use the program in producing formatted documents and text for their school and office work, respectively. More of these documents are being created using these open source solutions due to their reliability, compatibility, and affordable price.

The use of an online document editor is generally the next step in document editing. A number of online applications are offering tools and features that rival those of desktop software applications whether they are free or not. One big advantage of online document editors over desktop applications is that documents can be stored online and they can be accessed and processed from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection exists. One example is the leading online document editor created by a big company, which is just a part of an entire suite of online solutions that deal with office productivity applications. An online document editor may not carry some features that its desktop counterparts boast, but for basic to slightly advanced word processing tasks, the online document editor is often stable enough to do the job.

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    • Document editors are used to create and format materials for printing.
      By: antiksu
      Document editors are used to create and format materials for printing.