What is a Federated Search?

A Federated Search is a powerful tool that allows users to simultaneously query multiple databases, merging results into a cohesive list. It streamlines research, saving time and broadening access to diverse information sources. Imagine the ease of casting a wide net across the sea of data with just one click. How might such a capability transform your search experience?
Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

A federated search is a computer software approach for querying multiple data sets with a single query request. This is commonly used to access company information on specific data or products. A federated query is relatively simple to implement and provides quick access to multiple data sets in a combined reporting format.

The federated search is one of the most basic methods of accessing data from multiple databases. This saves time because one search query can be automatically executed across many data sets. Most search engines execute a form of federated search across the Internet. These engines can evaluate multiple sources with a single request, making information readily available.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

The popular Google® search engine is an example of a federated query that reads unstructured data across the Internet. This federated search engine provides quick results of diverse data sets. Federated queries use special indexing techniques that enable data to be sorted and returned quickly.

Funnelback® is an example of a searching tool that uses federated search. This tool can read both structured and unstructured data contained in multiple databases. This search tool is similar to a standard indexing search engine that reads data based on specific search criteria and returns it in a single, sorted view.

One of the primary drawbacks to a federated search is the overload of information that is returned from this type of query. When a federated query is executed across multiple sources of data, thousands of records may be returned. This causes too much data to be returned, which make it irrelevant.

A federated search system will typically return thousands of records on a single query. This requires a special business algorithm to return the most relevant data at the top of the list. There are several techniques that can be used for sorting relevant data. These are typically based on data accuracy, usage, and correlation to other relevant information within the data.

Many commercial tools help companies build federated search functions. These tools typically include special software connectors and interfaces that enable the connection of diverse data sets. Integrating these federated search tools requires an expert understanding of databases and data access techniques.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer