What Is a Hi-Fi Amplifier?

Troy Holmes

High fidelity (hi-fi) audio equipment has been available for several decades. A hi-fi amplifier is a speaker power unit that is connected to a stereo receiver. It makes a stereo push more wattage to the speakers. This special type of audio equipment reduces distortion and makes a stereo play cleaner and clearer sounds at higher volumes.

Amplifiers are often used at live concerts.
Amplifiers are often used at live concerts.

Large stereo amplifiers are often used at live music concerts. These amplifiers are attached to huge speakers and stereo equipment that fill the concert stage. Live concerts require heavy-duty amplifiers that generate significant wattage output. This type of stereo equipment can produce loud, clean music with limited distortion that can be heard for miles.

Live concerts require heavy-duty amplifiers that generate significant wattage output.
Live concerts require heavy-duty amplifiers that generate significant wattage output.

Home theater audio equipment is made with an assortment of stereo components. This typically includes a receiver, DVD player, digital music player, speakers, and a powerful amplifier. These components can create a true theater experience that resembles a professional movie theater. The amplifier is an essential component that drives power into the speakers.

A hi-fi amplifier is a great addition to any home theater system. This type of audio unit provides additional power to stereo speakers, making the audio system louder. Amplifiers are available in many sizes and can generate additional wattage to the audio system.

Many people use a hi-fi amplifier as a way to add more speakers to a stereo. This is also a great option for speakers used outdoors. These are often located a great distance from the home theater system, which requires additional power. Amplifiers can support several simultaneous channels, making them a good option for homes that have multiple speakers in several rooms.

Speaker wire is an important accessory to a hi-fi amplifier. Large gauge speaker wire can make speakers come to life because it can transfer more power to the speakers. Better speaker wire and connectors can actually make the speakers play clearly at higher volumes.

Most modern home theater audio systems have a built in hi-fi amplifier. The amplifier determines how many watts the stereo system sends to each speaker channel. A typical home theater system uses five or seven channels. These channels reduce the watts sent to each individual speaker.

Amplifiers are used on both stereo and sub woofer speakers. Each type of speaker has a minimum and maximum wattage capacity rating. Speakers should not be played above the maximum capacity rating or they will become distorted and permanently damaged. Care should be taken to ensure the hi-fi amplifier does not exceed the wattage capacity of the attached speakers.

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