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What is a Home Page?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano

A home page is the initial page someone sees when he opens up a website on the Internet. Every website, regardless of what type of site it is, has one. Some individuals may also have one set up for them when they first open their Internet browser.

The home page contains the most relevant information on the website. In some cases, the page may also have significant information for individual sections on the website. For example, a news website may have a section on its home page that is subdivided into separate subject matters such as top news, money or travel. This can help readers find what they want more effectively.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Many websites will offer a reader the opportunity to set the site as their home page. This means that it is the initial page a user will see when he opens an Internet browser on his computer. In addition, when he presses the “home” button on the navigation toolbar of the browser, he will immediately go to his home page from whatever website he is currently reading.

Depending on the website, it may be possible for the user to customize the page to his liking. For example, he may be able to change the background color, size of the font and what subject matter he wants to appear. Another option could be how much, or how little, of a particular subject he wants on the page. This can be useful for those who want the page tailored to their specific needs, which can make catching up on the influx of news and information much easier.

Some websites offer easy access to the home page from anywhere else on the website. In order to get to that page, all the user may have to do is click the “home” link at the top of the page. This offers one-click convenience instead of the reader having to hit the back button or having to type in the initial website address all over again.

The benefit of an attractive home page is that the company or individual can intrigue people enough to get them to be loyal readers of the site. A well put together page can do just that. It is important, depending on the site, to give readers what they want to initially see when they open the site. Between pictures, links and entertaining and informative information, it can be a site worthy of reading on a daily basis.

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@gameaddicted - That information really goes beyond the entire point of this conversation, but I know what you're talking about. Deep linking is really good, but you can do it for things on your home page too, like images for instance. It works really well with community home pages, actually, and picture links.


@lmorales - I think it is safe to say that most Home Pages operated the same. Or rather, most websites are based off the same design. Regardless of whether you have a professional site or a department home page or whatever, you should consider deep links when you are back linking for traffic to your site. When you do things like this for advertising it's better because then you create a traffic path. People who go to a picture or secondary page on your site are more likely to click back to the home page as a secondary click... unless they are just completely not interested that is... then you just have bigger problems such as site design.


@win199 - Home pages come in all shapes and sizes quite literally. From the whole Myspace thing to Facebook's home page where your news feed lies you will always find some kind of link for a home page on every secondary page you run into within a site. My professional home page has kind of like an "About Us" theme.


Plenty of domain companies like Weebly offer free home page construction. In many cases you can add several other pages to the link. You can also pay for a domain name in full rather than have your site's name tarnished with another name attached to it. For instance, Go Daddy will let you have rather than working with Weebly and having

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer