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What is a Key Finder?

B. Miller
B. Miller

A key finder is an electronic gadget designed to help quickly and easily locate missing car or house keys. The most common type of key finder features a key chain that connects to the keys, along with a base station or remote that stays stationary in the home or office. When the keys are lost, simply press a button on the base station, and the key chain will beep loudly, making the keys easier to locate.

A key finder is perfect for people who are constantly putting their keys down in different places, and then forgetting where they are. Some key finders are designed differently, and may not have a base station, just a second key chain. The two key chains will then be able to activate each other. For example, one might put one of the key chains on the television remote, and the other on the set of keys.

Key finders allow lost keys to be found with the press of a button.
Key finders allow lost keys to be found with the press of a button.

If the keys are lost, just press the button on the remote, and vice versa. This type of key finder eliminates the need for a base station. Both of these types of key finders work similarly to the "phone locator" feature on cordless phones. Another type of key finder may not have a base station either, and may just be activated by clapping. For this type of key finder to work, however, it is necessary to be relatively close to the keys. This type of key locator can be especially helpful if keys are dropped when stepping out of the car in the dark, for instance.

Key finders often include other features as well, such as a small flashlight to illuminate keyholes, or a timer to set to track the amount of time left on a parking meter. When trying to locate the keys, a key finder with a light attached will often flash as well as beep to make them more noticeable. These act as safety features to make it easier to see and open doors quickly.

Key finders are typically battery powered, and are designed to have a long battery life. Keep in mind that key finders may be attached to anything that is often lost, not just keys. This may include a remote, purse, eyeglass case, or even a cell phone or other gadget, just to name a few. Key finders are fairly inexpensive items, but they can reduce a lot of stress and anxiety, and can help to save time when searching for lost items.

Discussion Comments


Is this key finder gadget big or weird-looking? I like the concept, but my mental image is a quarter-sized black plastic thing with -- and this could just be my silly preconceived notion -- a red LED light on it.

What do they really look like? I guess what I'm really trying to ask is if a key finder would be too big, ugly or weird looking to be acceptable stuck to the side of my keys day to day?


@aishia - You must never turn your cell phone to silent. I do this almost daily, and inevitably I leave my phone sitting somewhere, forget where I left it, try to call it and do not hear any ringtone whatsoever. I think a product key finder would be a great thing to attach to my phone, and I would actually get lots of use out of it.

I really love the concept of being able to clap your hands and have your dropped car keys beep, too. That would really save a lot of people from crawling around on the ground in the dark (a situation I'm unfortunately also familiar with.)


Bravo, technology -- now this is an invention that will make life easier! I know I'll definitely benefit from a key finder when I go order one (because after reading about them, I'm definitely buy at least one set.)

I lose my remote all the time -- a remote key finder would be awesome to have. The cell phone line I have to kind of laugh at, though -- when you lose your cell phone you call it and listen for the ring tone, everybody I know knows that!

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    • Key finders allow lost keys to be found with the press of a button.
      By: Andy Dean
      Key finders allow lost keys to be found with the press of a button.