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What is a Money Sorter?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Used by banks, currency exchanges, vending business, arcades, restaurants, stores, and any other establishment that goes through a lot of cash and change, money sorters come in assorted sizes, configurations and price ranges. This device can be very simple or quite elaborate. From children's banks that separate coins by denomination to sorters that place coins into rolls and tally the exact amount, they make categorizing money simple. There are machines that separate and count bills as well, providing a convenient tool for sorting, counting, and organizing coins and bills alike.

At home, a money sorter is a great device for teaching children to save money. As they put coins into their banks, kids can see how quickly it adds up. Before long, a child has an entire roll of coins that can be added to his or her savings or exchanged for bills. These tools are also handy for adults, especially if they handle a lot of change or singles at work. Someone who earns tips for example, might find one very convenient.

Banks commonly utilize money sorters.
Banks commonly utilize money sorters.

A quality sorter is very sturdy, reliable, and simple to use. Many are so simple that all a user has to do is pour in change or load a stack of bills and let the machine do the work. More advanced ones can sort coins and bills by denomination, organizing them and counting them at the same time. Many even check the authenticity of the money, removing counterfeit notes and coins from the rest of the currency.

Arcades may use money sorters.
Arcades may use money sorters.

In business, time is money, so the quicker money can be sorted, counted, rolled, and stacked, the better it is for the business owner. It is also important to detect counterfeit money, which money sorters can do with UV light or a magnetic component.

Money sorters can also be purchased with different speeds, and some can count as many as 1,000 bills in just one minute. These devices are easy to use and some models can be hooked up to a computer. There are also portable, battery operated models.

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I remember saving coins in the cardboard tubes when I was young. Once your tube was full, you knew how much money you had. As a child years ago, this was a fun way to save money.

Now there are sophisticated coin counting machines to do this for you. While they are accurate and fast, there is still something special to me about putting my pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters in those colored tubes to take to the bank.


We belong to a group that saves their change throughout the year to give to a local charity. The money counting machines at the bank sure come in handy for us and for the bank. It amazes me how fast they can count that money and know exactly how much is there.

It would take hours to do that by hand, and it would be easy to make mistakes. It doesn't matter if you have coins or bills, the bank can have that counted in just a few seconds with their machines.


My son had a money sorter when he was young, and it was a great way to encourage him to save his money. It was also fun for him to put his change in the money counter sorter to see how much money he had saved up.

There is something about being able to visually see the money as it accumulates. If they are saving for a special toy this can help motivate them to keep saving their money as they get closer to their goal instead of spending it on something else.

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    • Banks commonly utilize money sorters.
      By: Pefkos
      Banks commonly utilize money sorters.
    • Arcades may use money sorters.
      By: Arkady Chubykin
      Arcades may use money sorters.
    • Money sorters have the ability to sort up to 1,000 bills a minute.
      By: Nomad_Soul
      Money sorters have the ability to sort up to 1,000 bills a minute.