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What Is a Process Lasso?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

Process Lasso is a program made to optimize computer processes by setting priority levels so the central processing unit (CPU) knows what programs to favor and what processes can get less attention. This program allows users to get more power from their CPU by adequately setting priorities. While some features are similar to a task manager, it is not supposed to replace this function. Made only for the Windows® operating system (OS), Process Lasso can be installed on a wide range of Windows® releases. A gaming mode is also included that can push extra power into gaming programs in an attempt to stop lags that can occur during gameplay.

The Process Lasso program is made exclusively for the Windows® OS. As of June 2011, it is available for Windows 2000®, Windows XP®, Windows 2003®, Windows 2008®, Windows Vista®, and Windows 7®. It can be installed on all versions of these OS releases, so it does not matter what level of OS the user is running.

A process lasso sets priorities for the CPU.
A process lasso sets priorities for the CPU.

Mainly used as a computer optimizer, Process Lasso is an intuitive system that can be set by the user, but it also is automated and works by itself. One of the basic features is that a user can set program priorities. When Process Lasso opens, it displays all of the programs and processes on the computer and, with a right-click, the user can set the process’s priority. For example, if the user sets one process to a high priority and another one to low, and both are running, the CPU will favor the high-priority process. When this occurs, the CPU is able to meet the needs of the high-priority process, but will pull away some of its energy from the lower process.

Along with manual prioritizing, the program will change priorities around as needed. If a process is behaving badly or is making poor use of CPU energy, then the program will pull energy away from it so better-working programs will be the focus. If several programs are running at once, and there is one or more not currently used, then Process Lasso will know to take energy away from the programs receiving less use so the other processes function better.

A gaming mode also is included in Process Lasso. When a game is running on a computer, it consumes a large amount of resources. With gaming mode active, the computer will be ready to push these extra resources into the game, while ignoring unnecessary processes. While not guaranteed to stop lags, it allocates extra memory to make gaming smooth as possible.

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    • A process lasso sets priorities for the CPU.
      By: Restyler
      A process lasso sets priorities for the CPU.