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What is a Satellite Phone?

A satellite phone is a mobile device that connects to orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell towers, providing coverage in the most remote areas of the world. It's a lifeline for adventurers and essential in disaster relief. Curious about how it can keep you connected off the grid? Discover the world of satellite communication and its far-reaching benefits.
R. Kayne

A satellite phone or satphone is a mobile phone that sends and receives calls using satellites rather than landlines or cellular broadcasting towers. This phone only requires a clear line of sight to the sky, so it can complete calls from anywhere. One can operate in the middle of the Sahara desert, at the top of Mount Everest, or from a clearing deep within a South African jungle. It is an indispensable tool for remote excursions of all kinds, and provides solid communication on the seas and in the air.

A disadvantage of a satellite phone is a noticeable delay in conversations. The signal must first travel to the satellite, then to an earthbound gateway before being routed to the receiver. The receiver's response will follow the same path in reverse, taking equally long to reach the caller. Satellite minutes are also more expensive than cellular minutes.

A satellite phone can be used anywhere, even in the middle of the desert.
A satellite phone can be used anywhere, even in the middle of the desert.

These drawbacks are often irrelevant, however, when considering the function that such a phone serves. It can create a link to civilization from places where no other link is available. It also allows people in remote places, as in the case of researchers, adventurers, and those in the military, to stay in touch with loved ones, and it can provide backup communication in disasters when cellular towers or landlines might not be functional.

A satellite phone could even operate on top of Mount Everest.
A satellite phone could even operate on top of Mount Everest.

People who only need to use a satellite phone on rare occasions can rent one rather than buy it. Most phones require both weekly rental fees plus a separate charge for talk time, which can be much more expensive than minutes on a regular cell phone. Those who decide to buy a phone outright will likely be required to sign a contract with a satellite network, although prepaid cards may be purchased in some cases. Minutes are typically less expensive with a contract than when renting or buying prepaid, but are still more expensive than cellular minutes.

Noticeable delays in conversation are one drawback of a satellite phone.
Noticeable delays in conversation are one drawback of a satellite phone.

These phones range in price according to network coverage areas. Phones that can literally send and receive calls from anywhere in the world are quite expensive, and even basic models that have a more limited range are often several times more expensive than a regular cell phone. Because satphones are so expensive, they are often purchased used.

Some satellite networks have partnered with cellular GSM networks to provide Internet service and email on their phones in addition to offering GSM roaming. This allows a customer who lives or works at the fringes of a GSM zone to use those networks when possible, and make satellite calls only when necessary. Such built-in flexibility is ideal for military, disaster or relief contractors, rural ranchers, local boaters, or anyone who requires or desires guaranteed regional or global coverage.

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Discussion Comments


I too, was drawn in by nice comments and words. I've been duped before and caught on quickly. I'm glad I found these page to confirm what I knew to be true. The jerk's name was Ray Tice and he had the exact MO as all of these ladies have relayed. And it is so true: if it sounds to good to be true, it is. Be careful, ladies. If information was given though, can they access accounts and such? Just curious.


@anon332132: Please read my other posts on this page. There is *never* a reason a member of the US military should need someone else to pay for a phone. They have access to their checking accounts at all times, regardless of whether they are in a war zone or not, and usually, a $25 phone card will be all you would need to send so he could call you.

You are absolutely being scammed. Please don't fall for it. If you have any questions, post back, and I'll either answer them, or will find someone who can. Don't send your hard-earned money to this turkey.


@threesome: From your posting, your guy seems similar to the guy I am chatting post.

I met a Captain Robert Moore Armstrong online, and we have been chatting for few months now. He said he is deployed in Kabul, Afghanistan, a widow, his wife died of cancer last year, and he has a 20-year-old son in Los Angeles.

From all the emails I have received from him, I got a little suspicious when he said he was in love with me after three weeks. Then after a month, he said he wanted me sign up for military satellite phone so he can talk to me and that we need to talk on the phone so the military can give him a leave of absence. The service would cost me $500 to get connected. I told him I didn't have that kind of money lying around, but he was very persistent.

Then I asked him if he wanted to speak to me badly, why he doesn't he pay for the service? He said while he's in war zone, and he doesn't have access to his bank account. I don't think this is true, so I asked him why he can't ask his family in the states to pay? He said he didn't want to bring his family into our 'love' until we are together. He just gave me an email address today to send for the satellite service.

Is this guy real or fake? Reading everyone's posting, my history with this guy seems the same. --LC


I have been talking to a Col. Collins James from Afghanistan for a year now. He also says he is in the US Army. Yes, I sent money for him to come here. He texted me three days ago and said he was in Washington and would be here the next day. He never showed up and I haven't heard from him since.


Is there any way that women can find out whether an identity is real or not straight away to save them going through this type of manipulation?


I have been chatting to a Wayne McKings for two weeks, who has just sent me an email address starting ts2section and asked me to order a satellite phone for him via this company.

The first part of the reply from 'ts"' is lifted from another site - the second part to the 'subscriber' is written in terrible English. I take it from the rest of these posts that this is also a scam and that I have been drawn in.

Thank you for the warning. As the lady says, it's very painful. It's not just a scam, but heartbreaking manipulation and disgusting abuse of the honor of those risking their lives to keep others safe.


@anon242197: I too have speaking to someone claiming to be Ryan Wells from the US Army based in Afghan. We have been chatting for a number of days when he said would I do anything to see him and that it would $2500 for his leave, to which I said didn't have any savings.

We carried on chatting for a few more days and then last night he told that he had been on a patrol/ mission where three of his team, including his friend 'Bob' were killed. He also said he and the surviving soldiers had found some ammunition which they handed over and some cash which they have split. He asked for my address and phone number to send his share to me to look after it. Stupidly, he had my email address from us chatting and got my address and mobile number.

I have since received an email from Apex Worldwide Network saying that a parcel will be delivered to my home. I'm scared. I don’t want it and told him I didn't want to be involved, but he has still given by contact details to someone. I've even emailed the courier and forwarded the email to see if it's real. Help. I feel so stupid.


Has anyone been in contact with a US Soldier in the Special Forces (Army) by the name of Edwin Edge or he could use the name Reese Edge? He used yahoo IM to communicate or text.


I got hooked up with John Alfred as well. But I did not fall for it. I started looking into the unit he said he was with and found out it was a Marine unit and he kept claiming he was army. He pushed and pushed me to get hooked up with the satellite company to make calls to him, because they were shutting down the internet and they could not get mail. I was told the same thing about the small fee of $340 that would be refunded to me.

I sent him notice that I knew it was a scam and he kept trying to message me. I just ignored him. I don't think that I was supposed to catch on that quick but I am not some twit with no knowledge of the internet.


I am so glad that I came across this article. I am a very intelligent and educated woman and I still got taken in. Thank God I am very tight with my money since the death of my husband.

My scammer knew that I was a widow of a Navy vet, he knew I had a child, he knew things about me before he contacted me. These scammers are not members of the US Army, and they are not soldiers in Afghanistan (like my solder claimed). The soldier that was talking to me claimed to be career military.

Please, if it sounds too good to be true, ladies, it is not true! These guys know how to talk, how to throw around about how God brought us together, etc. They "talk" and know how to reassure you with time (days, weeks, months) that they are decent, nice guys. Then the talk of money for phones and other things start. Do not send any money anywhere. We all work too damn hard for our money.


It does seem real but don't fall for it - look out for a Sgt Andrew Smith. Widowed (of course!) No parents (naturally!)These people sound so plausible but aren't.


I have been talking with a Sgt. John Nugent in Afghanistan for 5 months and I have sent money western union for satellite phone calls. He sent me a photo of his daughter and says he is from Houston, Texas. He now says he needs $230 to pay for a replacement so he can retire. Does anyone know this man?


I recently started talking to a John Alfred (he says his name is John Alfred Diemel). We met on the dating site POF (Plenty of Fish). The dating site is legit, but John is not.

He claims to be in the US Army and is currently in Afghanistan, but will return home in March. He claims to be active duty for 18 years, but his pictures show him in dress blues and as a PFC (when I asked about this he said the pics were only eight months old and that he had just recently gotten "senior" SGT). He claims to be widowed, to have an 11 year old son and own a house in Wichita, KS. He says his wife died five years ago in a car crash, his dad is deceased and his son is living in NY with a nanny while he is deployed. His face book page was created in October 2012 and he has two of them, one with very limited info and one as John Diemel. He said he has worked with United States Army and studied at the University of California, Santa Cruz and lives in Herat, Afghanistan.

Less then 24 hours after talking online, he asked me to contact a website and set up a phone connection. He gave their email and nothing more. Then he says, “You just tell them you need a phone connection between sergeant john alfred and yourself.” That is a load of crap. He keeps using his middle name and not his last name; the military only uses last names! The he tells me, “They will be charging you for a registration fee, which is not much, but will be refunded back to you within three days. They charge between $350 and $450, and it will be refunded back to you within three days. They will need like $400 and I assure you it will be refunded back to you within 48 hours (so when will I receive my refund – in three days or 48 hours?) and it's a one time payment.” He claimed we would be able to make video calls, send texts, and make phone calls once the internet has been shut down. Ummm, satellite phones don't have video or texting. When I refused to pay the $450, he said I could pay half. When I refused to pay that, he said he would have his lawyer send me money to pay for the phone, but he needed my bank account information. When I told him I don't have a bank account, he asked how I pay my bills and I said with cash or a prepaid Visa. He wanted to know my credit limit on my Visa and I told him it was a prepaid, not a regular credit card.

I hadn't heard from after that conversation and he wouldn't answer any of my questions. He only kept talking about the phone connection and needing to get money to set it up. Well, I finally heard back from him and I told him he was a scammer and that I had checked him out with my military connections and was told he was a scammer using a false ID. He started to call me crazy and out of my mind (hmmm, just yesterday you claimed to love me and wanted to spend the rest of your life with me. So who is the crazy one?). My last words to him before I blocked and spammed him were -- "You should be ashamed of yourself for degrading a US solider and using his name and pics to scam women. May Hades have no mercy on your soul!"

I just wish we could get this out to every news station, every news website and every dating site to warn others so they don't get scammed.


Beware! I also was scammed by Lt Col. James Stums. Please do not fall for this scammer. They are either Nigerian or from the Bahamas.

They tell you lots of nice things to get you hooked and want to send you a check for a large amount of money from a business in MN called Williams and Associates. I called the business and talked to the owner and he said it's a scam and not to deposit the check, that they are using his business name and UPS account and he is investigating it.

These people are evil and should be stopped, so please don't get sucked into it. They are so sick they use God as a means to persuade you also, but they will truly rot in Hell. Don't believe these people. They are evil. They are posing as military men and are using innocent people's identification and pictures to create bogus facebook accounts also. Be aware they are scammers and just want to take your money.


For satellite phone rental I always go with Cellhire. They have the new iSat Phone Pro now as well.


My scammer is Lt. Col James Stums. He says he is widowed, with one son. No parents are alive and his mom died when he was young. He pulled me along for two weeks. The military satellite phone is a scam! Do not part with your money. Send only cards and care packages to US based army bases. Check it out first before sending. You have been warned! I didn't fall for it. The sad part is they are using the ID and pics of innocent people.


Yes I'm chatting to my second US Army Sergeant Scott Smith. I met him on Badoo this weekend and he has been in Afghanistan for a couple of months now. He started to tell me he loves me and wants to marry me when he comes home. He's widowed and has a 17 year old son in West Palm Beach, FL.


Stay away from an R. Draper Schwartz who claims to be in the army too. He says he has two sons, is divorced and claims he does not have access to his funds. He is always asking for money. It's a complete scam.


I'm so happy I saw this site. I have been talking to a Sergeant Cioffi Robert and he is also in the US Army. We were talking for a couple of weeks and he asked me to register or a phone line and to email his commander Scott Thomas, so I did and when I received an email back, it didn't seem very professional, It also said send 300.00 for two weeks and 700.00 for a month.

So, when he asked me did I hear back from his commander, I told him I did and told him that I could not register for the phone. Later that day, he asked me if I can help him with food -- just anything to get money, so right then I knew it was a scam as soon as I received the email from his so-called commander.

I'm so happy I looked further into it and I'm grateful for sites like this one. So ladies, beware of a Sergeant Cioffi Robert he says he loves you just after a couple of days!


@rose 27: I also have the same problem, but I didn't believe what he said about about protocol. The phone was set up, and I met him last November, but he keeps asking me for the payment for the phone set up. First he said $380 and I said no, that I didn't believe that because my uncle was a US veteran and I know that for sure that every time my uncle made a phone call, my aunt didn't pay a single cent.

So I argued with him and the bidding kept getting lower and lower until it got to $100. By the way, he said his name was Major Rob Bowling, so he asked me for not even $100. I said no, that I'm poor and I'm desperate to get a job so therefore I told him not to mention money anymore.

Ladies, if you encounter this person, please avoid him. I also asked him for his sister's address, but he wouldn't give me the info. Then I asked for his Facebook name, but he wouldn't give it to me. He selected 15 women in the Philippines, including me. When I checked his tags, he had gone from 15 gone down to 10. I said, oh boy this is so strange. He also said he is a US Air Force pilot. Every time I chat with him, it bothered me, so I was so happy when I checked into this situation, and here I found all the scammer nonsense.

Take note: they are very good when it comes to God issues They use the name of the Lord while doing all this. One day I pray that God will deal with these people. It has to stop. This is ridiculous, ladies. Everyone needs to pray that all these things will come to an end.

I told him he was a scammer and I said to him that photo is not American, but is the picture of a Russian guy and he laughed. He has a thick skin. Ladies, I just want to tell you that when he typed the letters, some of the letters were in the opposite direction.

I don't know what kind of world they are in, but never mind. I'd rather see the person face to face rather than racking my brains with this scammer. Look for a good personality inside, and don't worry about what the outside looks like because is just like an eggplant. It's beautiful outside but is full of worms inside. You have to remember ladies, that they are parasites all over the world.


@anon270483: Please see my other comments, but the short answer is: you are being scammed. The U.S. military pays for leave for its personnel. Families or friends are not obligated to pay it.

That Erin Stewart is the person himself, and that's the last you'd see of any money. Ask him for his mailing address. If it's not an APO or AE box with a U.S. address, like California or New York, it's a scam. You don't send mail to soldiers overseas to their direct location. You send mail to their APO or AE boxes, depending on their branch of service.

Also, most personnel either have their own cell phones, from which they can call you, or they have pre-loaded phone cards and call from a local phone using those, if cell signal is unavailable.

There is *never* a reason for anyone in the U.S. military to ask for someone to pay for leave, or for a phone. They have their own bank accounts, and access to their money, usually through an ATM card. I got this information straight from a U.S. Marine.

Anyone, and I mean *anyone* who says he's U.S. military and asks for anything other than your prayers and your letters, or maybe a care package with cookies and so forth, is a scammer.

Folks, please pay attention and hang on to your hard-earned money. Don't send it to thieves and robbers like these people.


I've been chatting with Andrew Bundermann. He says he is 37, his birthday is April 21, he's single, he's stationed in Afghanistan and he wants me to send someone named Erin Stewart $350 to get on his file so he can request a leave to come meet me. Please help with this. I've seen his name on other sites.


I'm so glad to find this site. SSGT Curtis James Miller has scammed someone else. This man scammed a woman out of thousands of dollars. She was warned by friends about him. This went on for almost three years. He got found out and now the police are looking into it.

Something needs to be done about this men. Anyone else who knows about this Miller guy please leave a message on here. I'm already looking him up and I have a lot of information on him to put him in prison for a long time.


Thank you to all of you that post this, i have this Army Sgtstephen Gonzalez that claiming an army, and trying to ask me the same thing send money to western union for the militaryphonedept. This is a scam.


It seems that this scam has moved on to gay sites now. I was recently contacted on recon by a guy with extremely bad English claiming to be a Marine (although he was in Army Acu's) who wanted me to contact commander James Collins so he could get four to eight weeks leave and there would be some kind of money that he would get back as a holiday bonus.

He is obviously using hacked facebook pictures. He claimed to be an E9 Alverez Michael Conel.

"But it will cost little fund for my holiday and money will be given back by bonus to my beneficial bank account, who stand as my guarantor."

What a load.


I have been speaking to a soldier in afghanistan. Within three days, he told me how much he loved me and that he lost both parents in a car crash bout eight years ago and he has one son who lives with his ex-wife in cumbria u.k., but he is in the U.S. Army because his mum was from Cyprus and his dad was British, but his parents lived in the u.s. when he was born so that's why he is in u.s. army.

But he asked me today for £255.00 so we can talk and move our relationship forward to the next step. Up until last week, I had heard from him every day for two weeks, then for four days, I didn't hear from him until late on fourth day when he hinted about the money.

I e-mailed back that I don't have that kind of money to spare, and received another e-mail today begging for the money for the phone so we can continue our relationship and he promises faithfully that he will give me the money back the minute he arrives back in this country, and they are not allowed to have any money out there with them at all.

I must say before I finish this relationship, maybe I will mention phone cards to him see what he says. I have a similar story to the others just a slight twist, with both parents dying in a car crash. Beware!


I was chatting with a guy who said he was in Bagram, Afghanistan. He said he loved me and then he needed a phone to hear my voice. I asked him for his address, ant it was Accra in West Africa. He must think I'm stupid. I kept talking to him because I wanted to find out more. Has anyone talked to rafael david lopez?


I have been chatting to a person claiming he's Sgt. Ryan Wells from the US Army in Afghanistan. He has asked me to email his commander and ask to register for secure calling, which I did. I received an email in writing that it costs $200 for two weeks or $400 for the month, and all I fill out is my phone provider and name number and address, and when ready to pay, to email the commander for payment info, which I haven't did because I'm not sure if it exists.


I have been speaking to this guy for almost two days now and he has already brought up the phone thing. I was suspicious because he did not speak real good english and yet claims has lived in the US his whole life. The name that mine goes by is Trevor Daniels.

When I called him on it, he got flustered and told me he was 29 from Nigeria and would turn his cam on so that U could see him.

My guess is that he was going to try to find another way to try to scam me by allowing me to think he was being honest. But then he changed his mind and tried to go back to his original story. What in the hell makes these guys tick? I'm sorry for anybody out there who has fallen for this scam.


What a surprise to find this page on the net. I'm from Germany and did this research because something has me perplexed. I´m in an email-contact with a man.

He told me he is in the U.S.Army, at this moment in Afghanistan. Also he told me his is a widower, and he's fallen in love with me. We've been writing for three weeks.

Now he told me: "Before you can apply for my leave you will need to send a request to the military satellite. Then we can talk on the phone babe."

I don't know anything about men in the Army, but when I read your posts I think there´s something wrong.

Do any of you have advice for me?


@anon237398: If these people were actually in the military, then the top brass could take some action. But they're not. These are civilians pretending to be in the military, and usually in the U.S. military. They do this because it's an easy way to meet women online, and the military background confers instant credibility.

Someone in the U.S. military who was using government-issued computer equipment to run a scam like this would be subject to a court martial and probably a dishonorable discharge, if found guilty. And I'm sure it's the same in other countries' armed forces. But these people aren't in the military, so the military has no jurisdiction over them.

The rule of thumb is to automatically be suspicious of anyone who is asking for money, even if the reason sounds legitimate, as for a satellite phone, or paid leave, etc. The military pays for leave, and files the paperwork. You can always send phone cards to members of the military so they can call you. If they are truly posted overseas, then their addresses will have an APO AE designation if they are in the Army or Air Force, and probably an FPO designation for those in the Navy or Marine Corps. It will also go to a US city and ZIP code.

Remember these guidelines and you won't get scammed.


Upon reading all the comments here, I just realized that I was also scammed by that military guy I met online. I hope someone in the military would take action on this as soon as possible.


@anon235340: Four words: You are being scammed. U.S. military personnel have their transportation home from a froward area paid by the military. Period. Anyone who is asking for money for this is scamming you. Also, prepaid phone cards will take care of his calling needs. Ask him if you can send him a phone card and see what he says. My bet is he will change his story. These people prey on innocent people like you. They are not in the military, and are most likely not even U.S. citizens. Many of these scams are run from Africa and Eastern Europe. Anyone can set up a social networking page and get an e-mail address.

Cut off contact with him, or you'll end up sending him a lot of money, and you'll never see him or hear from him again.


Can someone tell me please how do I find out more info on a certain someone in the army? He wants to set up phone calls but says it will cost 500 euros. I have not paid this, but also he says he wants to leave early. I don't know the way this is done or who to contact in the army.

Can someone please help me? He is in Afghanistan. I've never had to deal with the army before. I have had e-mails from them when he was injured but I'm having doubts here. Please, someone help me.


I should have done a search earlier, but I'm glad I found this website. I started talking with a Brandon Montgomery who claims he's from Saratoga Springs, NY, a widow and has a nine year old daughter. Unbelievable what people will do!

Thank goodness it's only been two weeks and he hasn't asked for anything, and even if he did, I wouldn't give it. I don't even know the person. Sorry to see this has happened to all of you.

I was skeptical about the whole thing in the beginning anyway, and now it just makes me lose more confidence in the possibility of internet dating. Yikes!


Thank God I stumbled on this website. I have been chatting with this army guy named George Ryan, very good looking guy through yahoo messenger. Even from the start I felt something odd about him. Too bad for him I know a lot about military stuff and what they do because I have a lot of friends in the military.

I do not believe that people in the military are doing this. I have high respect for them! People who are so low even to use the military people who are truly serving and sacrificing their lives for us should be punished for doing this. I hope these people will get caught and you ladies please beware! Always follow your instincts!


I have the same thing. My phone was connected with James hernandez,a soldier in afghanistan, pay $238 in south africa with western union. A man called me at home but the voice was very young, and he told me he had to mask his voice because of terrorists and I called the US embassy and they told he didn't exist and we don't pay to speak with a soldier. I want to know who is behind the pics. Is it really that man on getty images or scammers? Today, I received a mail that if I'm not satisfied, how I can get my money back, blah, blah. I want to know if that guy is selling pics on ho site to get money.


Also watch out for a "Major Clark Jones." I never trusted him, but was kind of curious where it was going. Not sure what is worse, that he thought I was stupid enough to send him money or that he would try to get money from a very poor single mother.


Lisa M post 73: where did you meet Brandon? What state do you live in?


Brandon Montgomery is a not real. The pictures he is sending you are from someones' facebook that he hacked. He is not in the Army! If you have spoken to him you will know he is not even white. He has taken on someone else's identity. Believe me and the others that have posted: this guy is scum! If you want to continue to be played and send him your money, you have been warned.


This is crazy! I have been messed with by this same guy a few months ago and I just can't believe what I am reading. Please anyone with helpful information should post. I need to get a hold of this sucker.


Brandon Montgomery is a scammer and I hope every one of you realize this before he does extensive damage to you and your bank account. He knows exactly what to say to reel you in and make you fall in love. You've been warned so if you continue to give in to him, it's your own fault when you're taken for everything you have by a Nigerian scammer who is a professional at what he does and there are no laws over there to do anything about it.



yes, I would like to talk to you to and you can find me at the y.


Well those of you looking for Brandon Montgomery. He is not really in the army, he is in prison and is due to be released 11-2011.



Post 67

Yelorose3--Have you received photographs from him. I would like to compare them. Where can I reach you? What state are you located in?


@post #65: I have also been taking to Brandon Montgomery, same army unit and widow from NY. Obviously he is not for real. Fortunately, no money has changed hands between us, either.


@anon165505, post 54: I read your post and my heart stopped. I have been talking to a Brandon Montgomery from the US Army. He is with the The Gypsy PLT of B TRP 1/172 CAV (MTN). I just want to be sure this is the not the same guy. He has not asked me for anything at this point. He says he is a widow from Saratoga Springs, NY. Please let me know.


I to have been contacted by Lt. Col. Carter Micheal and asked send $385 to the TS2 people for a phone, unfortunately it was not until I sent the money that I found out that he was not who he said he was. They are using dating sites to pray on women which is about as low as you can get. Ladies out there please beware.


I'm in canada and there is a website called lavalife. I've been speaking to a few guys who say they are in the army, one in particular. His name is andrew bundermann, 35, says he's from the states and asked me to get on his file. I spoke to another guy from the same site, asking him questions about the talking on the phone and getting on his file and he mentioned that there was a fee to pay to talk to the soldiers.

I spoke to andrew last night and he had mentioned how the helicopter when down and he's upset that his friends died, and that the security is going to be tighter and they might block all communication, that he loves me and yadda, yadda, and he was scammed by a woman to get access to his file and she took cash from his account. I told him I wasn't working and I'm dragging this on as long as I can. He only has one picture posted. If this sounds familiar to you let me know. I got a few other names as well for the other users.


I have a supposedly Lt. Col. Carter Micheal wanting me to write to at to register my cell with them in order to talk to him!

I am supposed to say "I want to get my cell phone connected with him through frequency radio therapy who is on deployed (his spelling) should be deployment,at khandarha, afghanistan!" Funny, huh? I had the address but no number to call!

I am keeping him going until my buddy who is in the army can check this out fully! I'm going to start busting as many as possible. Good work ladies. Help keep our men strong and real!


Do US army personnel assigned to Afghanistan get free phone cards to call their loved ones?


I don't know what to say because I've been chatting with this sgt from the US who is in Afghanistan, but he's not been asking for anything, not even money or anything -- just my cam. One thing is like a shock: he's telling me he loves me, but like everybody said, I didn't fall for it, but I will let the time go so I can see if he is telling me the truth or not, but at least no money chat yet. I will come back and post if he does that. Thanks. I appreciate that people posted what could happen so I can be aware. Thanks ladies and good luck.


I tried to report a scammer to the Army but they are not interested. I don't understand why they would not want to quell this type of thing. It gives our soldiers a bad reputation.


Please tell me i haven't been fooled. I am on yahoo and I'm chatting with a guy called sarge david edwards thompson on duty on baghdad. I sent 350 euros through western union for a satellite phone as he wants to talk with me. Is there any way i can cancel that money order before he can cash it in? I need to know asap.


Beware of SSGT James Miller US Army. Not! He will claim to be from Texas and in the military for 18 years, and an only child. He claims his mom died of cancer 25 years ago and Dad died in a car accident 23 years ago.

He claims he wants to retire from the Army and open a jewelry store, because that's what his mom did. It's all a scam. Every bit of it. And if the story didn't seem sad enough, he then wants to hear my voice, so maybe he asks if "you can buy a satellite for us, cos (and that's how he spells it) I need to hear your voice."

I went and spent the 675. Oh, and no refund until he returns home. The price kept going up and i said no, no, no. He finally stopped asking for the phone for a couple of weeks, then he gets shot. He sent me a picture of a hand with a hole in it and says he needs to come home but only I can help him, but have to paying $6,650 to get the forms to fill out. I said what! That's insane! I have to pay money for you to come home?

The military wants for nothing. They get prepaid phone cards, gifts and everything. He kept begging me and I finally asked for him to send me a picture of him with his "injured hand" and that is when he became very upset with me, and saying how will we be together, if you don't trust me. I said send the picture and I will fill out the forms, blah, blah, blah.

I also sent cards from 123 greetings everyday. He was really good at what he did. I write this because not only is a scam, but it is hurtful. Being that I have a friend with the same name in the army, I thought it was him and he was in trouble, until a couple of things made me realize it wasn't.

When you think your life is going to take a turn for the better by reconnecting with someone from your past, you become hopeful. When you find out it isn't really him, it's heartbreaking. That's how I am heartbroken.

I will get over it and be stronger because of it. But be careful. They are not who they say they are, and they will rope you in and hurt you, emotionally and financially.


I have been through the same thing. I have been talking online to a Brandon Montgomery, who just got me. he said he did not have enough on his card and asked if he can get 650 us dollars and I told him he was crazy, go elsewhere and find somebody who is stupid enough to give you the money.


i also met someone online. captain Aron ramos in the army asking me to pay a phone service of $500 in order to be able to speak with him. i said no but he did continue to try and get me to pay of course the price went down to $200. i continued to say no but he didn't stop there.

we talked further and he then wanted me to turn over my information so that he could make me his next of kin while he was out serving his time out there.

i did not send money for the phone service and i did not give out any information making me his next of kin, he informed me that his father would contact me, which he never did. His father, at the time, was in australia working.

What came next should have surprised me but didn't. He, of course, told me he loved me and wanted to marry me, but the only way he could marry me was if he took a leave from his duty as an artillery field serviceman. His next step was to try to get me to pay $4000 for him to be able to take a five month leave. I thought surely he was not serious, but he was very much, so he tried his best. After i told him there was no way i could do this, he i received a leave form from the army area so it was presented that way when captain Aron ramos saw that i was not willing to do this, it made him upset. He was telling me i had deceived him, but no i was not that stupid to release this kind of money, especially not ever having talked to Aron ramos or ever having met him in person.

He told me to get bleeped and that he was an intelligent army man serving our country.

I don't understand how this can be going on here. How is this allowed? Aron ramos deleted his profile only to soon put up with another profile showing he is from a totally different location and is now a sergeant in the army. Aron ramos has sent me several pictures of himself, along with pics of his father and brother (if it is indeed him).

The last email from him he sent me was saying "Thank you for helping me get out of here with a picture of a ticket

of some sort from Luftansa."

I met Aron ramos online. I know i am not the only woman he has done this to and i won't be the last.

Yes, I agree this must be stopped! It makes the good army men and women out there putting their lies on the line for us look bad.

I hope this can be stopped and the scammers can no longer get away with doing this the sad part is there are women and men out there that have and will send money, please don't do it!


I have been in contact with a gentleman in Iraq whose name is eddie buiterrez. he told me he is widowed and has a little girl. he says he loves me and wants to marry me. I'm not stupid or uneducated. He has sent me pics of him and I can see his name tag on his uniform. He says I need to send $250 for this satellite communications, and that it is refundable in 48 hours.

I don't believe him and just wanted to see if this were true. I will be talking to him soon and confronting him about it, that's for sure.


I too have been communicating with a military man in Iraq. He first wanted $500 then $250 so we could talk. I am going to talk to the head of the local National Guard to see what can be done. I have nothing but admiration for our fighting men and women. these scammers need to be stopped.


I am so glad I found this website and glad I had all my doubts. I have been chatting with a person whose name is Curtis Gough currently in Iraq. Started the whole chat thing and that he wants to speak to me badly but needed a satellite phone so we can talk because when he goes to Afghan we are not going to be able to chat on IM any longer.

He tells me he loves me and his son that we are he ever wanted. He backed off a little bit when I questioned it, but as soon as I got this website I told him where to go and blocked him on my email addresses. Thank God I would only spend $675 on my son and not this kind of stuff. The reason I questioned it is because he would not go on webcam but wanted me to do so. Beware out there. anything that seems too good to be true, it is! Thankful for the "real" soldiers I do know and for their hard work.


i am so glad i found this site. i have been talking to a sgt joe barreo. he wanted me to open a bank account for $600 for a phone call to me in the states. he was very vague about too many things so i was not going to do it, but i am glad i found this site.


I have a similar story. I'm talking to a soldier in Iraq (supposedly). Wants a satellite phone so we can talk. I had to send an inquiry to cmps satellite army at usa. com. The response was poorly written, and it was signed as - Military Section Department, Cmps satellite phone service.

It all looked a little fishy to me so I started doing some searches online, found some interesting things, and I'm glad I came across this site.


Talking to a Colonel Kelvin Mark, from a dating site, and he has just sent me details of how to pay for him to use a phone line in iraq, but I have to send the money to the usa. is this right?


Just been caught out too! What a mug! Wish I had seen this post. We 'met' through FRU, then before we could meet in person, he was called to US and from there to Afghanistan. He said he worked for Dyncorp and sent photos of himself in Dyncorp clothing in desert type surroundings all looking like they had been taken in the right sequence.

In fact, my suspicions were only aroused by his reaction to my reaction at his suggestion we jointly purchase a satellite phone. They are very very clever. Do not believe someone loves you unless you have met them in person!


I met a sergeant named paul george. he said the same things: that he wants to talk to me, he loves me, etc. and I just was so silly. How did I not find this page before i sent $200 to military telecoms in hawaii and of course, never received a phone or a call, and he still is sending me messages that he isn't a scammer. I just take it off my yahoo msn. please be careful ladies.


Oh my god i have been such a fool to believe all that crap. i am so glad that i have come across this site as i was just about to hand over $675 dollars. Not any more. think i might just play him at his own game and keep him hanging on for a few more days, make him sweat, let him think he's getting the money and then drop him like a lead weight!


They not only go on Yahoo but they are on social networking sites and MSN, so still be wary of who you chat to on these sites.


Seems to me that the scammers have Yahoo Messenger, not affecting any other online messaging system.


Geez I'm glad I stumbled across this site. I have been talking to Colonel Christopher Ben for the last six months on yahoo and live chat.

He keeps telling me how much he loves me and wants to hear my voice and he too has told me to get on the website Ts2 and check out prices for the phoning service. He has also been telling how much he would like to come and meet me and my son but failed to mention the first time that I would have to pay for his tickets. Can't believe I fell for his crap.

But thank god I have not parted with any of my hard earned cash. He got to me through my facebook page and sent a message. As a single mum this has made me angry and sad that these people do these sorts of things. Thanks for setting up this site. I don't think I will be hearing from the Colonel again. What do you think?


whew, I was so nearly caught too. I filled in forms and was going to pay 225 pounds to sgt richard wells. I can't believe people can be so low, and disgusting to use fake photos etc., the usual widow, one son scenario. thank christ i found this site.


I think i have got one too. I've only been talking two days and he's now asking for money so we can talk on the phone. I thought it was not right so I have not parted with any money and will not. How do we stop them?


if they ask for money for phones it is a scam. I nearly got caught but luckily found out all the soldiers get phone cards to ring their loved ones. No one in love would ask for money!

Beware girls and break it off!


@anon103086: i am also sorry to hear of your bad experience.

i just wished there were a way to get these people off sites. It is a shame to the real men and women who go to fight for their countries. These are the brave ones and our heroes, and there are scammers who take their photos and use them, making out like they are the heroes. These scammers should be ashamed of themselves, but i know they are not because they keep on doing this.

Let's hope that one day the internet can find a safeguard to protect our troops' photos and our hearts, and from making us fall for these liars.


@- anon103086: yes i am glad also, as I didn't want to be made a fool of anymore. Thank you also for your comments.


@fooled: i am sorry that he is not the person you thought he was but i can tell you now that he is definitely a scammer. i am so glad that you have found out now before any harm was done. unfortunately i learned the hard way.


thank you amy for your comment. this has helped me a lot as i didn't have anyone else to ask so I found this web site and hearing what you have said makes me now realize that i have been silly in thinking he was real to start. So thank you. I will now take him off my yahoo. Thanks again.


@Fooled: Are you being scammed? In a word, yes. This individual is probably nowhere close to Iraq. He is also probably not in the U.S. Armed Forces, in spite of the photos. Photos of soldiers are available everywhere. This person may have copied them from someone's social networking site.

The U.S. government is pretty good about getting their military personnel what they need, including making sure they can communicate with loved ones. No member of the U.S. military should ever be asking a civilian unrelated to him or her, for money for a satellite phone. This is a major scam.

It's up to you, of course, but my advice would be to block this person from your e-mail, social networking sites and any other point of contact. You do not want these people having access to you.


I am speaking to a guy named king stevenson. he says he is in iraq and needs to hear my voice and can i send $654 so he will be able to?

I have not got this sort of money and even if i did, i would make sure it gets spent on my kids. I've asked him to go on webcam as i have been doing so but he says he is not allowed due to security reasons out there in iraq so i told him to send more photos of himself which he has been doing.

I have like, maybe 11 of them now and they all look the same so i had no reason to doubt him but something is making me think otherwise. i could fall for him with all the chit chat he is telling me but i think he may be a scammer. Should i trust this man or not? Someone help me, please. I found him on netlog and interpals as well as yahoo. Please has anyone else spoken to him?

Sgt. King Stevenson from New York and also Georgia.


i have been contacted, by loads of people saying they are army or air force based, iraq or afghanistan. They're saying, i love you, etc., etc.

i haven't fallen for it. but i count myself lucky. Please be aware. I would print the names of all of them but i could be here a long time. also be aware that they don't always use soldiers, but you can usually guarantee that they are widowed, have a child, etc., etc.


A guy named Terry in Afghanistan asked me to send money for Telecoms. i did not, but then he went on to ask if i could send a package to an address in Nigeria! Alarm bells rang. Need i say more? Be safe.


I just want to let you know that they are all scammers when they ask you for money to help them out with their phones. That is where it starts. Then they make up other lies to get money out of you via Western Union. Don't fall for it. Unfortunately, i did and he ended up being a Nigerian scammer, so please be on your guard.


I just want to thank all of you people for writing these posts.

I am talking to a soldier in Iraq at the moment. His name is Michael. He asked me to pay $500 dollars for a satellite phone so that we could talk. He told me there would be no other payments as he would always call me. I almost fell for it. Thankfully I didn't have money to hand so haven't paid anything. I told him the end of the month.

I am glad I found this site. Now I think I will report him to the dating site where I met to have him blocked. That way he will not scam anyone else.


I am chatting/emailing with a soldier stationed in Afghanistan, and we want to talk,but i did get this e-mail for the Ts2 satellite phone connection thing? how real is that? i have no idea on this Ts2 thing. very confused. please help?


Girls, please don't be fooled by this. It's a con. i know because i was nearly taken in by it. When i confronted my so called soldier about this, i have never heard back from him again. All i can say is, thank you all posting your experiences, As i too would have been conned and sucked into this scam.

i also think if they have said they love you, which I'm sure they have by now, their next move is to ask you for the money.

i had spoken to my sister's son, who has just come back from Afghanistan. He told me not to do it because he has never heard of it and the soldiers have prepaid cards to phone their loved ones. i hope this helps and good luck.


I have been talking with a US soldier and he keeps mentioning this site so he can talk with me. He wants to hear my voice but I am scared and we have only been talking through e-mails for about two months and he mentions paying $350US and registering my cell, then he will given one to call me.

He already says he loves me and has never asked any questions about my life. Can you help with some answers? ssmm


I have been e mailing a soldier in afghanistan. he says his name is john. He told me that to talk to him i would have to pay a one off fee of 250 dollars. i told him i couldn't afford it, so he told me to pay what i could afford and i paid £60.

Then he started on about if i could have 850,0000 dollars from his military benefit transferred into my account. but i had got wise to him by this time so i didn't. These people pull on your heart strings and make you feel sorry for them. don't do it.


Ladies, they are scams from Nigeria and the States. I just have my own experience.

I was asked to pay $470 to register my phone to "US Military Telecoms Registration" through Western Union to someone in AZ. When confronted the scammer online why other soldiers use pre-paid phone cards, he said it was new protocols after the militants' attack in Afghanistan.

Before I found out this is a scam, I gave him a YouTube link to my performance. Guess where my YouTube video was viewed the day I gave him the link? Nigeria. They are not even US soldiers.

I am very upset because they shame US military who did not even do this to ladies like us.


I have been asked by a US soldier in Irag to register my phone to a company called wirelesphone@usa. the cost is £225. No extra charge for calls made. The payment should be made via western union. However on contacting western union this company is not known to them. They advised me it is a scam. I have not parted with any money. Who puts the soldiers up to this?


I have been chatting with a guy in military and was told i have to send $400 for TS2 to a girl in Indiana and by western union. The first time I was told $315. I am not sure if the person I am talking to is who he says he is. I have so many questions. It seems like there's a lot of us that are in the same boat with these guys saying they are these military heroes. It is so real but I'm starting to doubt it now.


I can assure you it is a scam. My next door neighbor was very nearly caught out.


Is it the soldiers in Iraq who are scamming or the military telecom tunnel?


Please ladies be aware. These are scams. They get to your heart and then run over it after they try and scam you out of fees for one thing or another. I am in Ireland but I am a US citizen and they almost got me. No matter what country you are in there are always people out there to take advantage of you. Please be careful.


They are all scams. And not only are you being asked for money for your phone but the new scam is asking to claim war zone benefits for them as they have no family and there is a registration fee they want from you in the amount of 958USD plus a copy of your ID. These are all scams. Be aware!


I had been asked to email Military Telecommunications to be able to speak to a soldier in Baghdad. $512.00! I did not do this and the e-mail I received from this company was so poorly written that it immediately sent warning signs. How awful that you think you are doing something good and that there are mean people out there who exploit it.


I got scammed too, by someone saying they are timoth nein. They asked me to send $500 to western union. And i did not.


It was too late for me as I was stupid and fell for it but *please* don't do it as it is a scam! Be warned!


let me guess, the guy's name is Doug and he wants you to send it to Vickie. Stay away now, don't send anything. It's a scam.


is some one trying to scam me on this Military telecoms tunnel connection for $511US? I am in contact with a soldier in Iraq and said that is the only way we can get in contact. What can you tell me about this because I find it odd that it goes through a Western Union?


if any of you guys have paid for a military telephone tunnel transaction you have been scammed! Steer clear!


i really want to know a lot about satphone, especially how the video can be trasmitted using satphone and if possible the block diagram.


I too would like to receive information about military telecom tunnel. any info would be great.


Can anyone give me some information on the Military telecom tunnel, is it real or am I being conned? I am in contact with a US soldier in Iraq and we would like to talk on the phone. Is all this legal?


Please can you tell me how safe it is to hand over money for the services of the Miltitary Telecoms Tunnel. Is it legitimate or a scam. I am in contact with a US soldier in Iraq and am being asked to pay a fee so I can talk to him. Help?


I would like to know about "Military Telecom Tunnel" because i am in contact with a soldier in Baghdad and he wants to be able to talk to me. How much will it cost to do that? Will it be expensive and what would the reception be like between Australia and Baghdad?


I would like to know the answer to this question as the same thing is happening to me.


What can you tell me about "military telecom tunnel"? I have been in contact with a soldier in the U.S. Army who is overseas. He said that in order for him to call on a satellite phone, he would have to pay the registration fee and go through the people at this corporation.

What can you tell me about it? Thank you.


actually i want to know that how they actually work as i have read that when phone come out frm the range of one satellite it starts communication from another satellite.

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